PlaystationX: Should Sony And Microsoft Join Forces?


"With the current economic crisis worsening and with Nintendo happily counting its blessings (and money), perhaps the old adage "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" is something both companies may eventually consider.

Of course they are each other's greatest enemy in the console 'war' but by banding together they would be fighting two other common enemies: the economic enemy (the current crisis and the increasing costs for game console and software development) and the clever, rapidly rejuvenated Nintendo gaming empire, with its almost single-handed creation of a new casual gaming market with the Wii and DS."

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gaminoz3462d ago

I agree with you mate, but what if things get worse and either MS or Sony decide to do a Sega? That would be worse in my opinion:
Sony gaming has strengths and MS has strengths and I'd hate to be stuck with just the Wii....

I'm not saying they ever would, or should, but it could be quite the console to take on Nintendo and like the article says, end all this MS vs Sony fanboy rubbish...

(And it would be cheaper for me because I wouldn't have to buy both consoles!!!)

Maddens Raiders3462d ago

..if there is ever a Unisole...i will retire from gaming....

gaminoz3462d ago

@ Maddens Raiders

The same situation hasn't occurred every year though, and it keeps getting worse. They are both suffering and Nintendo (not part of the uniconsole you are talking about presumably)is killing them both, even without cutting prices.

I don't think it'll happen, but if they did, it would solve some problems for them and possibly make a pretty interesting game console-scape.

I'd hate to see either MS or Sony pull out of hardware.

eelnats20003462d ago

If it werent for the competition between these two, games would be as good. I mean, the sheer amount of good quality games released by each to try to oust one another is mind blowing.

if anything, KEEP FIGHTING.
Whatever happens, its good for us gamers.

So, like ive said before,


Maddens Raiders3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

for a lot of people gaminoz...but just as there were tough times in the past and monopolies ((were actually broken up)), let's not rush to consolidate everything, turning the industry into an example of the happy barter family....i want real serious competition..hell, quite candidly i need the competition (msft) just to feel complete....buying a unisole would make me feel like a communist...from an economic standpoint...and i don't like that proposition. 8D

PixlSheX3462d ago

Excellent software + crappy hardware = FAIL

gamesmaster3462d ago

yeah, i dont think they should join forces, competition just makes it better for us gamers altogther.

although if sony made the hardware and Microsoft made the online software, we'd have a very nice console on our hands

C_SoL3462d ago

Good console software + good hard ware + the best games ever = no stupid fanbois

Snake Raiser3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Colonel; BIG BOSS here, I think we need some back up.

@1: Yes... MicroSony vs. Nintendo= competition. Without Nintendo to make obsolete tech popular we would have healthy competition. I think this is an unhealthy competition right now because the lowest quality console is wiinning.(purposeful misspelling.)If the wii wins it will be like anti-natural selection. I know that it would be best to have two HD consoles competing, but that is all the more reason to stop Nintendo....... at all costs.

BIG BOSS: All costs eh? (in low growling voice) Lets Go!!!

ThanatosDMC3462d ago

No! They have to destroy each other and have them pamper us with all the goods!

XboxOZ3603462d ago

With such ppl as Bill Gates coming out and saying that this particular recession will take 5-10 yrs for us to come out of, it means many things that USED to be normal will no longer be normal as we once knew it.

And that the future will need Tech and the electronic industry to help it pull through, so joint ventures are not out of the realm of possibility.

If you follow the Venture Capital scene, you'll see that even they are feeling the pinch, Where normal affluent companies who are used to dishing out billions are pulling back on Start-ups and many new innovations. Not just in gaming, but in every aspect of our world.

We need to look outside our own glass gaming walls and see there's much more to this than missing out on some games or a few development studios closing down and publishing houses going to the wall.

It affects every country, large, and small.

cmrbe3462d ago

It's sort of a nice dream being able to play Alan Wake, KI3, KZ, Gears,GOW, ME,Uncharted, Fable,GT on one console but i think that the reason why these exclusive games exist in the first place is because of competeing consoles.

Yes it makes more financial sense for the companies but its not good for the us gamers imo.

BTW, I always enjoy you guys articles.

masterg3462d ago

I Would love to see them join forces. Here is why:

1. No rushed consoles would hit the console race. Sure competition is good. But in this generation it actually hurt the 360's hardware. The PS3 lost it's emotion engine because of competition. Both should have had 512MB extra ram, but it got cut to better the price.

2. No lame ports just to make more money. Every game would be built for one system only... Yeah that's the best games. This would make the publishers more money and therefor have resources to make better games.

3. It would be about the game and not the console. The war would be between the game publishers where it belongs.

4. Games would only need one console to play almost all the games. One console would get these franchises: Halo, Killzone, GTA, Uncharted, Mass Effect, BioShock, Rachet & Clank, Jax & Daxter, Metal Gear Solid, God Of War, Resistance and so on.

5. The fanboys could take a vacation. This would include a great deal of professional websites.

uie4rhig3462d ago

if they join forces, you would have one console that does it all, no more stupid fanboy articles (or at least less) saying "ZOMG SONY IS DYING" or "ZOMG MS IS SH*T" etc.. and, the consoles wouldn't be rushed *cough*mi*cough*cro*cough*soft *cough*.. you would get the best both both worlds basically.. how many people wish that some features of Xbox 360 is on the PS3, and how many wish that some features of the PS3 were on the Xbox 360?
on the other hand, there would be less competition, which means less effort into making the product better, which is NEVER good for the consumer..

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Spike473462d ago

if it happened, the console would be nearly perfect, and would overkill anything that would stand in its way.

However, I'm sure both companies like their competition.

drpepper61213462d ago

I don't think it is possible for Microsoft and Sony to work together on making a console. They both have way different views on gaming. I also don't see how they would split it with each holding equal shares and influence, they both seem to want total control over what they do.

gaminoz3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I agree with you but I am reminded of a former Gold Coast Rugby League Team here in Oz called the Gold Coast Chargers. The admin of the club had a chance to merge with a team called the Hunter Mariners and the GC club refused to streamline their admin and ally with the Mariners (which would have got them extra cash from the League as well for merging, and the players they would have had would have been great).

Both died shortly after.

Aclay3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Nah, there's no way that I could ever see Sony and Microsoft joining forces and I don't think it should ever happen. Competition is always better for the consumer.

I really don't see a company like Sony and Microsoft agreeing on much when it comes to a collaborative console either... Sony might want to go the high end route with plenty of built in features, while Microsoft may want to go a cheaper route and have more Add-on's ( I'm not flaming, just stating facts).

If they did join forces, who would decide about the controller to use? I guess there would be both a Playstation designed controller and a Xbox designed controller, because I'm used to the PS controller and would like the controller design to stay as close to it as possible if there was some Uni-Console.

Sony's job cuts hasn't affected the gaming division while Microsoft's cuts has affected their Gaming division with 2 internal studios being closed (Ensemble and ACES) but still I don't think that it's going affect either the PS3 or 360's future success in any major way. The Xbox 360 and PS3 are here to stay, and I hope that Playstation and Xbox always stay separate.

darkmurder3462d ago

This would be the greatest console invented ever if it did occur, chances are higher of me being eaten by a shark I feel though.