Red Faction Guerrilla: Total Destruction Trailer

Official new Red Faction Guerrilla trailer this is going to be the most destructible game that has ever been released.

Tear down the EDF presence on Mars brick-by-brick as you use the fully-destructible environment to wage total war against your enemies.

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Blaze9293463d ago

On how bad this game was from the beta that was released on the xbox 360 awhile back. Sure, it "doesn't represent the final quality of the finished product" but come on, it was lame. Red Faction 1 was so epic and good and I played the heck out of that game. RF2 honestly sucked, and this is extending the...suck. Go back and do what RF1 did then multiply that by 100.

Lombax3463d ago

Loved RF1! RF2 was crap on a stick... dual sticks...

lord_of_balrogs3463d ago

I'm optimistic about this title, I'll see how the demo goes first.

slak3463d ago

I agree bubbles for u

slak3463d ago

what stands out the most for me is the Destruction .....Game looks Awesome

Serjikal_Strike3463d ago

if it was in its original fps me it looks like a new and improved warhawk...which theres nothing wrong with warhawk I love it but red faction should be played in first person....

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