Demon's Souls Media Blowout

Demon's Souls is a title that is slowly flying under the radar in North America, primarily due to the mediocre previews it received after the Tokyo Game Show in 2008. However, Dengeki Online has scored a ton of in-game screenshots that should lift gamers' spirits across the continent. The screens feature intricately detailed dragons and characters, character creation, and certain battle mechanics.

We've included a couple of the screens below, but if you want to see the full library, be sure to check out both links after the screens.

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panasonic233374d ago

mediocre previews that don't sound good to me.

Chris3993374d ago

Has a very Gothic atmosphere and seems quite bleak. The screen-shots are actually quite nice if you take a good look at them - decent textures, interesting monster designs.

You can download an HD trailer off of the Japanese PSN Store, btw.

I've been waiting for a darker RPG ever since the Shadow Hearts series was indefinitely put on hold.

Hopefully this will fill that niche.

thereapersson3374d ago

Well considering you have to have a PS3 to play this game, I'm sure it doesn't concern you anyway.

rockleex3374d ago

This game doesn't have fields of lush green grass with flowers and ponies that you could ride like Oblivion.

But just take a look at the screens and its obvious this game looks MUCH better than Oblivion AND Fallout 3.

MasFlowKiller3373d ago

You Took the first comment to troll about a game that coming out for a console you probably don't even own.

good job Ace.

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Reshun3374d ago

but From Software managed to deliver the game's genre properly to its fans.

Like Armored Core series which weren't popular among many gamers and were considered mediocore among them but the people who dig sci-fi mech genre appreciated it.

minusman263374d ago

I wish they would give this game a chance. Its looks like it could be a sleeper hit.

h415443374d ago

Duplicate story .............who approved this article ??????

godkiller3374d ago

I have this on preorder,there is a English Chinese version, half the team that have done this are team ico which Sony have lent them to help out. This game will rock. Wks on second play through rocks big time too.

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