PS3, Backwards Compatibility, and Controversy? Lets Cross Examine

TheKoalition - Before the beginning of this current generation, the three big gaming companies that dominate the market were all faced with one major question: if we were to move on, should we continue supporting our current systems after the launch of our next gen systems? One said no (Microsoft), another said "meh, for a little bit" (Nintendo), and the third said "full support for ten years since the launch date." That last little bugger was Sony's claim, offering a Ten Year Plan for their Playstation 2 owners to continue full support and production of the console and its software, as well as peripherals.

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panasonic233459d ago

dude i got a ps3&ps2 my problem solve.

rhood0223459d ago (Edited 3459d ago ) reviving the "PS3 is doomed" articles from 2006-2007 in the wake of November and December 2009 sales data (never mind the fact that global numbers went up 40% over 2007) is now accompanied by the "Sony failed on it's promises" drivel of the same era.

Any day now we're bound to see the "Sony has no games" articles cropping up.

cmrbe3459d ago

will ever please everyone. Cost was something most people (still are many) complained about more so than BC. Something had to give.

sloth33953459d ago

They make a big deal out of this when not every Xbox game is compatible with the 360 instead they want people to pay to be able to download the old games to play on their system