Now You Can Be Certain You've Bought a Jasper

The newer, cooler, less red-ring-of-deathy Jasper configuration of the 360 has been out since the holidays. If you want make damn sure that's what you're buying, Newegg is offering them virtually by name.

Ordering online or picking up in the store can be a crapshoot whether you get a Jasper as the new config filters into the supply and they're not in packaging labeled differently, or obviously, from older models.

Here Newegg is offering the Arcade bundle for $199 and calling out its 256MB of internal storage, which is code for OMG TEH JASPER.

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Blademask3486d ago

And the rest of the chipsets that RROD.

pippoppow3485d ago

Oh really. So if all your electronics device that you use daily had the same problem you wouldn't mind huh. This is one of the saddest displays of brand loyalty I've seen. Any responsible adult consumer who keeps supporting a product that keeps failing on them should be ashamed. That time of attitude does nothing for the benefit of consumers as a whole and does nothing but give a pass and a wink for other companies to follow such abhorrent behavior. You either must work for MS or own stock to be so overtly loyal.

Tewi-Inaba3485d ago

That must be it, I must have bought mine because of the stock.
I had no idea my reasons were so complicated, thank you for enlightening me.

pippoppow3485d ago

Sorry, my 1.1 post was diected at 2.3

Jazz41083485d ago

Your missing the point, this is not just for people who have rrod this is for the people that are on the fence about buying a 360 and this now gives them a chance to buy hopefully a more reliable machine. But I agree that reliability and MS dont go together this Gen.

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3486d ago
GWAVE3486d ago

Does it even matter anymore? Microsoft is struggling to get the failure rate below the 10% and that's even with the "newer, cooler" chipsets. It's a crying shame that gamers willingly put up with this.

Unicron3486d ago

Yup, which is sad because it's actually a solid system with good games. But man, there is NO excuse for this. I mean, this is what, the third revision? Did we even KNOW the names of SNES or Genesis "chipset revisions?"

I miss the days of consoles being measured by bits....

NaiNaiNai3486d ago

consoles have been rated by versions for awhile now. ps2 has like 18 versions. >.> doesn't really matter all that much, but thats a crap load of system chipsets.

Joey Greco RULES3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

crying shame?
your tears are the ones being shed here, not fans of the 360

i bought one, its worth it, i love it.
they fix it for free for 3 years, and you can buy a cheap 1-2 year warranty beyond that(30 or 60$).
if i had to buy a new one, every year, i would(and at 199$ i could actually AFFORD to lol).
MS could increase the price of live and people would STILL PAY.
stop trying so hard, you'll only FAIL quicker.

Oner3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

@ Unicron ~ "I mean, this is what, the third revision?"

A little more than that

Which is fine as the growth of technology allows companies to save money and such but for the 360 it has been more to try and fix an ongoing documented issue. Whereas Nai's comment applies to 1 MAYBE 2 model versions of the PS2 for "fixing problems".

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trancefreak3486d ago

this a good guide though cheers :)

mirroredderorrim3486d ago

I miss when games were measured by quality, instead of sales.

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