Is GTA IV DLC Really Worth The Money? - Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 30

Blade206, DCI, and WorseCase come together to talk about

* Maxium Magazine Giving Killzone 2 6/10?

* GTA IV DLC Not Worth 50 Million?

* Killzone 2 Special Edition In Austrailia only

* What we'd like to see in firmware 3.0

* Nintendo the only one that the recession seems to not bother

* As Always we have a Step Ya Game Up


It was a 7/10 not a 6/10. Sorry for the typo.

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Blaze9293401d ago

No, probably wasnt. Depends on how much it sells but I dont care, not my money.

To US, damn right its worth the money. All that for $20? And that's only the first pack. I'm sold and know what to expect on the 2nd pack thanks to the recent info on the Lost and Damned.

Blademask3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

And if you like GTA, you will buy it...

not sure what the issue is.

I'm sick of douchebags & their sensationalist titles.


panasonic233401d ago

wtf xbox owners say yes it worth and ps3 owners say no wtf which one is right.

thebudgetgamer3401d ago

i think it is worth it as R.North is my favorite dev. im hoping they let pc mods be playable on the ps3 like ut.


TheFreak3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

If I had owned a 360 I would not have bought GTA DLC, but Fallout I would. I am happy as long as microsoft only buys DLC and not the whole game.

And if its worth it maybe. Maybe Microsoft soled some consoles because of the exclusive DLC for GTA. And GTA has a big fanbase so I think it will sell, but 50 mill worth I dont think so.

04soldier3401d ago

Im a little upset about not getting the DLC. But the devs said PS3 ownerers would get similar content. So patience is a virtue.


Lord Xire3401d ago

$20 for 20hours of mayhem and story for GTA fans that enjoy the series.

That's a steal deal.

Offered exclusively to Xbox Live Gold members that have the choice to purchase it or not.

It's there as a convenience... MSFT invested $50million for its gamer for arguably the biggest and best game of 08.

Spin away.

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