Inside The 'Halo' Wedding

On January 17, gamers Desirai and John exchanged vows at their "Halo"-themed wedding with the ceremony officiated by a man dressed as Master Chief. MTV Multiplayer's editor Stephen Totilo was there to witness the nuptials firsthand in Orlando, Florida. Here's his report filed at, and take a look at the video to see what the special event was like.

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Jaces3491d ago

So glad I have a life...

panasonic233491d ago

wtf they got a life too actually they are starting a new life i wish them nothing but happiness and joy and God bless them.

sak5003491d ago

Yeah ur life is a nite with your right hand.

paul-p19883491d ago

only in america :P

as much as i love MGS games, when i get married i dont want Solid Snake doing the ceremony, and everyone having to sit on cardboard boxes/oil drums....

gametheory3491d ago

"Yeah ur life is a nite with your right hand. "

LMAO, you offended the fanboys. Hey sak, don't worry, you can do the same without fear of getting your hands cut-off if you hide at home.

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Max Power3491d ago

PP you look lovely on your wedding day! MAZELTOV!

El_Colombiano3491d ago

They're all the same person. Multiple accounts.

ThanatosDMC3491d ago

So what are the odds of them divorcing?

Their marriage doesnt hold much water if this is their only foundation.

Heat of the crotch + games = marriage?!

macalatus3491d ago

If they were ever to divorce each other, it would be one of them "cheating" on the other by getting caught playing the oh-so great Killzone 2!!

cmrbe3491d ago

found out later that the other was cheating with COD6 lol!.

dredgewalker3491d ago

It makes me wonder if hes gonna wear the armor on their honeymoon......

dredgewalker3491d ago would be funny to see a half naked Master Chief....

ThanatosDMC3491d ago

Why would we want to see a Master Chief (a guy) half naked?!

If it was a chick... then ask "top or bottom?"

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The story is too old to be commented.