MadWorld : PEGI rating confirms no censorship in Europe

LiveWii : "The PEGI (Pan-European Game Information) has just classified MadWorld for Europe zone and has confirmed that the game will be published in its director's cut. It means no censorship for the blood or the 'fatalities'
A great news for Wii gamers who expect from MadWorld to be the beginning of a more mature line-up."

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Durffen3371d ago

I'm surprised MadWorld is going through all the Rating Associations so smoothly. ESRB has no problem with it, and now PEGI. I'll be shocked if the Japanese version doesn't get any gore taken out of it, like No More Heroes.

3371d ago
Shnazzyone3371d ago

it's gotta be great! For god sake Greg Proops is one of the announcers. Probably this game passed purely on humorous ultraviolence alone. I still feel bad for those folks who got no more heroes without blood.

Product3371d ago

i really hope this gets the marketing it needs to become the Wii's GeoW.Its a beat'em up and hopefully this title becomes a title we can count on for sequels.Beat'em ups of this nature dont come around often and even less often to Wii.

Btw you notice that jack in this game looks similar to Marcus Fenix and Marcus looks like Gorge from the UT franchises?

Mahr3370d ago

As long as we're throwing around Gears comparisons, one of the announcers in MadWorld is John DiMaggio, the guy who voices Marcus Fenix (and Bender from Futurama).

Neutral90003370d ago

This is very weird seeing MadWorld news as I just rediscovered Gary Jules' - Mad World song tonight, before seeing or ever hearing about this MadWorld.