IGN: Resident Evil 5 U.S. Demo Impressions

With Resident Evil 5's March 13 release date fast approaching, Capcom is eager to keep the worldwide buzz going for the survival horror sequel in the meantime. In December, the company released a two-stage demo to the Japanese market, and the same trial went up today on Xbox Live as a one-week Microsoft exclusive.

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Daver3464d ago

I dont think so, theres too many people who are disappointed, some does like it tho but i think it wont score that high

panasonic233464d ago

i agree but i think killzone 2 might give Resident Evil 5 a run for goty

swiftshot933464d ago

who is disappointed? Im sure everyone who loved RE4 will love RE5.

TheFreak3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Nah I loved it on the wii...

Unicron3464d ago

A lot of people are complaining about the controls, especially because of the kickassness of Dead Space.

JokesOnYou3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

about GOTY its waaay too early to make that call, but I just finished checking out the demo and I can tell you that so far the RE5 demo looks and plays awesome!....of course after RE4 this game was always a buy for me, now I absolutely can't wait!


chaosatom3464d ago

But I'll see how the review goes.

Hopefully, the Game experience is better than it's parts.

Powertesties3464d ago

At least for me. I hate that you can not walk and fire your weapon. You can't walk and use your knife. You can't hit a button and switch guns.

After playing Dead Space you really expect for the controls to be as good.

Of course, if you have played a Resident Evil game you will feel at home here. You know exactly what to expect. The style hasn't changed and for me, that is a bad thing.

Oh well, at least the graphics are awesome and the co-op, well, I will find out here in a few hours.

Game of the Year? It is really early to make that statement. I am going to say no...for now, based on the controls.

My vote (at this current early stage) is Killzone baby!

xryls3464d ago

too early to say goty

Close_Second3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

"who is disappointed? Im sure everyone who loved RE4 will love RE5"

And there in lies the problem. From what I have seen RE5 plays just the same as RE4. Kind of like how Devil May Cry 4 did nothing to improve on past iterations of the franchise. Mind you, they have introduce co-op play but to be honest, I don't like having the second character if I'm paying it alone. Its what ruined the latest Prince of Persia for me.

I was so hoping for a much more open environment in RE5. For instance, when you come across a locked door on what can only be considered a shack, why can't you shoot out the lock or the hinges and make your way through. Hell, why can't you shoot out some of the wall?

RE5 may look great and be fun to play but to me its looking very linear and far too scripted to be GOTY.

Why dis3464d ago

I hate goty clains in the first month of the year.

gamesmaster3464d ago

abit early for GOTY claims. i wouldn't even claim killzone 2 GOTY yet because theres so much coming out this year and my tastes vary. although killzone 2 is the game i' most excited for.

Resident Evil is kind of like a love hate thing for me, i love the franchise and the story but as the series has progressed i've seen them move away from the tense horror survival feel it had (gameplay wise), in the same way silent hill has gone abit action horror too.

the demo, IMO felt like a clumsy Gears of war.

oh and sheva looks like beyonce, i think shes nice :)

Why dis3464d ago

" i wouldn't even claim killzone 2 GOTY yet "

Good, to suggest either game will even be looked at as goty; even in the manner that you did is ridiculous.

heard the samething about MGS4.

gamesmaster3463d ago

killzone 2 was used as an example, as everyone and their grandma is claiming this one to be goty already. both games will be great, brilliant in fact. but this whole goty thing is abit silly imo. especially in January.

ThanatosDMC3463d ago

RE5 is a first day buy for me. Two copies. I hope the PS3's online co-op wont be messed up on launch. I hope no lag or GTA4 like problems in which you cant even access Multiplayer on the cellphone.

GameGambits3463d ago

I played through each level about 4 times each today with a friend on Co-Op online today.

My verdict? It sucks other than graphics, but even those have problems in the demo. In the second level, the first roof top before the big main building you can flip up to. There is some clothes being dryed on a wire there, such as a few shirts and a bed sheet. You actually just bump right into them as if they were a wall. That's not nex gen at all.

The controls are horrible. No matter how you could customize the controls it can't save it. The game moves TOO slow. Slow isn't bad, but in this games case it is a HUGE downer. Your aim in the game is terrible too. I've had a zombie point blank 1 foot in front of me and my pistol somehow misses? The preloaded weapons for each character stink too. One person is over powered on their secondary weapon for the situation and the other is basically screwed to be of much use other than pistol fire. Oh and why do I spray bug spray on myself to heal? LMAO totally dumb. This game lacks any fun I had in my 8 plays, and the only reason we played through it so much was to beat it, which we couldn't. (He sucks, kept not running and kept trying to fight. Which is also a knock that I'm not meant to stop zombies, instead run like a panzy as if that makes me somehow scared the game has poor design)

If this won game of the year based off of this demo, then I'd completely stop reading any and all reviews for all websites.

GameGambits3463d ago

I hate the "horror" genre of games, but I absolutely LOVED Dead Space. Why can't developers learn from the ones that do it well? I mean Dead Space took pages from RE and other areas to make an outstanding package.

Dead Space is now the new horror game king. RE is and has always been for me, mediocre attempts at games. Most of them have been 7/10's in my book, because they don't try to advance their game any further. There's only so many times you can play the same thing over and over, without enough changes to the original formula.

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interrergator3464d ago

i only have one tiny dissapointment is that u cant move and shoot

ThanatosDMC3463d ago

Seriously?! That sucks! After playing Dead Rising... dunno what to say...

I guess, that'll make killing chainsaw wielding enemies too easy to kill if we can move???

js_mac3463d ago

And the real time inventory. Pissed me off in Deadspace.

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Spike473464d ago

looks like the second best looking of 2009.(Not hard to see why Killzone 2 leads the pack)

vincentvegawchz3464d ago

No way it will ever win GOTY, but it Looks pretty amazing! I am really looking forward to this title, i am most looking forward to the Online CO=Op, Guess i have to wait another week to try it out :( O well... KZ2 Demo that day as well!#@!#! Shout to the LORD , since this weeks PStore content was less than weak. LoL... Im really looking forward to Feb. 5th!#@!#[email protected]

d_dogg20073464d ago

Nah just looks like RE4 with updated graphics, not even that hyped for this one and I loved RE4 on the ps2

ThanatosDMC3463d ago

Yup, i completely agree. Even the textures and whatever...

Split-screen gameplay of the demo:

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