IGN: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand – Straight Talk

When Activision announced in July that it planned to drop some still-in-development titles from the Vivendi portfolio, IGN held their collective breath. Please don't let it be 50, they whispered. For the love of God, no.

But Activision did jettison Swordfish Studios' 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, a move that dismayed 50 Cent fans but delighted rival publisher THQ, which quickly picked the title up and added it to its 2009 lineup. Now, with the game's release just a month away, IGN has begun pestering Swordfish in earnest about what to expect from the shooter. Will gamers who didn't love 50's first game, Bulletproof, find a different experience with Blood on the Sand? How involved was the rap superstar with the creative process? And where exactly is the game set, anyway (hint: it's not the Middle East).

IGN asked all of this and more of the title's director, Julian Widdows. Read on for use of the word "whilst."

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Gambit073488d ago

They should cancel this game, mere humans are not worthy of a game that is better then Killzone 2 & SF4.

Blaze9293488d ago

And im sure ill get alot of disagrees and for this and loss of bubble but the game DOES NOT look that bad. Like look past the 50 cent, g-unit, wheres my skull bs lol and the game graphically looks ok and the game just looks like it would be fun to play once and its even online co-op. I'm sure i'll enjoy and its a + that I like rap. 50 cent? meh, i can coupe with him.

panasonic233488d ago

i'm looking forward to playing this it look like a good rental.

Evil Gamer3488d ago

I'm getting it..I thought the first one was a 'guilty pleasure' too..I think the idea of removing it from the corny street cliches and making it over the top should be fun..the critics were ridiculously hard..and some of the comments made in em' were borderline insulting..but I loved the whole Eminem, Dr. Dre and Whoo kid being in the game..the purchasing of mixtapes and songs was actually a good reward concept..but despite ALL the crazy negative press..the game did Little Big Planet numbers..ha ha..I'm getting it..