Streamline your Vista Startup

Vista4Beginners writes:

"One way to improve the performance of your Windows Vista machine is to streamline your startup applications. Using the concept of 'Less is More' definitely helps improving the time it takes to log in and the performance in general. Having fewer applications running at startup frees resources for the applications you actually want to run. In this guide I will start by showing you how to remove unnecessary bloatware, how to disable startup items which do not appear in the system tray and I'll show you the locations where you can find information about programs running at startup."

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vitz33489d ago

how many of these "protip" articles are gonna just include the same crap? YES! We know about msconfig, and services.msc. Now enough is enough! It's not a trade secret anymore, never was.

gumgum993489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Wanna know how I streamline my setup?...

Its actually the same way as described above ^_^

Kushan3489d ago

Install windows 7!

(Note: There is meant to be humour in this statement, if you didn't think it was funny, please change "Windows 7" to "Windows XP", "OSX", "Linux", "AmigaOS" or whatever Operating system you get hard over).

Silvia0073489d ago

Upgrade your PC! No, 512 megs of ram on your PIII will not cut it.

FantasyStar3489d ago

One thing that people forget that can really down startup is hidden task managers. For one thing, Vista, by default is set to create a restore point everytime you startup.