Resident Evil 5: What's the bloody problem?

Jim Sterling: While my colleagues have been jetting around the world, playing preview versions of Resident Evil 5 and generally having a great time, I had to wait until today before getting my first hands-on experience with Capcom's latest not-zombie adventure. Technically I could have done it sooner but I'm a lazy, lazy man and making a Japanese account is too much like hard work.

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Nathan Drake3488d ago

The bloody problem is you can't move while shooting,this is unacceptable in today's Action genre.

Now if it were a Survival Horror game... ;)

original seed3488d ago

The gameplay seems very dated. I want Zombies like the old days.

Powertesties3488d ago

Why is having innovation a bad thing? With the current gen systems, yes, both the 360 and the PS3, we can have amazing graphics. Stories and atmospheres that suck us in.

Why can't the controls be updated to match what these systems can do?

Not being able to walk and attack is completely idiotic. For me, it completely destroys that wanted reality that I am after.

I have to agree with the guy above, I want zombies back. Real zombies! For me, Resident Evil was about Zombies. Do you not remember Resident Evil 1? You come around the corner to see a zombie feeding on a fallen friend. Just awesome.

Being in a village, shooting every black person with red eyes isn't that fun....well, let me put it this way, it isn't the same as killing zombies!

andron6663488d ago

The tense atmosphere comes from having to aim and pick your shots. Also it's more of a survival game if you play it on the higher difficulties, as ammo becomes more scarce.

Yes, Capcom have made changes to appeal to a broader audience, but they haven't lost touch with what RE is about. I personally haven't got that affection for the first game since I didn't play them, Never owned a PS1. But to me RE 4 is one of my favorite games of all time and I am looking forward to more of the same...

Sarcasm3488d ago

It doesn't have to be run and gun. Dead Space proves that. This is almost as bad as the PSP's "left analog stick only" setup. Not being able to control you're aiming with the right analog stick is frustrating in this generation.

Heck, it's even a necessity since last generation with Halo pioneering console FPS's that requires the use of the right analog stick to aim.

Maybe they could have even just made it an option to switch around the controls to "classic RE4" or alternate.

Even GTA IV gave you the option of using auto-aim, or free aim.

Oh well, I'm getting RE5 either way as I enjoyed RE4.

GWAVE3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

I don't care what anyone says in the defense of RE5: games such as FEAR, Condemned, and Dead Space have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that you can update a control scheme and still have a scary game.

Defending the last-gen controls of RE5 is fruitless. Plenty of people complain about _____, the highly-anticipated FPS because the controls aren't like CoD4's controls. Plenty of people complain about _____, the highly-anticipated 3rd-person action game because the controls aren't as smooth as God of War's. When a newer and better control scheme comes along, it's only right to complain when other games don't follow suit.

ThanatosDMC3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

In Dead Space you can walk and shoot at the same time... even with that those f***ers will kill you if you're not careful!

Gotta love Dead Space... wish it had co-op... though i loved it anyway. I just wish i could see my buddy get ripped to shreds by a Black Brute...

Also, not being able to continually see enemies in Dead Space continually messed with your minds. I kept pointing the guns at corners especially near the ground... those babies are EVIL!

Bnet3433488d ago

Everyone here at N4G hates RE5. Now watch it sell 1 million copies within a matter of days.

ThanatosDMC3488d ago

I'm buying two copies either way... the game will probably sell a lot since it's multiplat. PC users are waiting for the game too... they should put it up on Steam.

Sarcasm3488d ago

"Everyone here at N4G hates RE5. Now watch it sell 1 million copies within a matter of days. "

I don't think anybody here downright hates RE5. More like they hate the control scheme.

ChampIDC3488d ago

Yeah, the game is going to be good, updated controls or not. Change would be welcome, but oh well. Dead Space was my personal GotY for last year. It's not often that a game can make me tense like that game. FEAR was the last one before it to freak me out a bit. Horror is 100% based on creativity. You can make a game tense and frightening with any control scheme. It's just a matter of knowing how to work with what you have.

nycredude3488d ago

I may the one of the few people to say this but I didn't get past the first part of the village in RE4 because the controls are sooooo wonky! Not being able to move while aiming is freaking retarded! I keep hearing all the media and people raving about the game but I simply can't get far enough into it to see what the fuss is about.

Can someone tell me if it really is THAT good or is it hype? I am prob getting RE5 but this control scheme is a downer for me. Maybe I'll go back and give RE4 another try.

Maddens Raiders3487d ago

"The bloody problem is you can't move while shooting,this is unacceptable in today's Action genre.

Now if it were a Survival Horror game... ;)"

...exactly, they should've taken a clue from ((your)) game. 8D

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BLUR1113488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Well the problem is that a lot of people don't fully understand that it is all out co-op and you have to have skill and practice... not to run though the whole game within 7 hours.

RE5 requires a highly dose of team work and that is awesome IMO

Capcom is the best.

swiftshot933488d ago

doesnt make this game any less amazing. LOL everyone who is saying that "its re4 with better graphics","its not scary","the old RE gameplay is better","the controls suck"etc...will probably buy this game day 1! Come on people this RESIDENT EVIL.

cmrbe3488d ago

its not scary anymore. I kinda saw this in RE4 with where they were taking the franchise.

gamesmaster3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

yeah, its just not as tense anymore. the fact that they arnt zombies, and there's a mob of them just takes away that dramatic suspense that the previous games had, if you throw enemies at someone left right and center in a survival horror, they just get desensitized and so the build up to a fight is just well... non existent its just a slaughter.

(although i will say i sh!t my pants a little when the chainsaw guy stopped to chop my head off, i kept panicking hehe) but i shouldnt have to wait for boss fights to get my ass handed to me in this kind of survival game. if i play this, it'll be on hard for sure.

Timesplitter143488d ago

I also thought the infection % in outbreak was cool too.

Man, Outbreak was awesome! I'm going to play it now.

Dragunov3488d ago

This is not resident evil anymore, i loved the PS1 games

cmrbe3488d ago

tell me about it. I still have nightmares from playing RE2 with surround sound and with lights out lol!.

rockleex3488d ago

Someone to come and REVIVE Resident Evil like that dude did with Street Fighter 4! >:D

Dragunov3488d ago

RE2 was f*****g awesome but i still liked more the first. Caught me off-guard

cmrbe3488d ago

i played 2 before 1. Yes 1 was very scary as well. The pace was slower but when sh!t happens it does get you offgaurd.

This is now the problem with RE5 as it seems similar to RE4. You can see things happen from a far and the pace is more of an action/shooter game so you are to busy shooting zombies heads and it just becomes another shooter.

pwnsause3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

the gameplay is not just suited for survival Horror. Sure Dead Space is similar to RE5 in terms of Gameplay, but at least EA tried to make it scary as hell when those monsters popped up behind you.

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