UGO: Halo Wars Hands-on Preview

UGO writes: "Dear Casual Halo Fan Who's Never Touched an RTS, but has Pre-Ordered Halo Wars,

Halo Wars is to the Real Time Strategy genre what Honey Nut is to the original Cheerios cereal; dust off that sugary, accessible coating from the game's exterior and you will no doubt find a bunch of scenarios focusing on resource management and troop deployment. Yes, underneath all the hype and fancy features, this is an RTS, a very competent RTS, but an RTS. It sounds obvious (and is obvious to many of you), but for those folks hoping Ensemble Studios might bring game-changing innovation and renewed lifeblood to a genre that just can't seem to stick on consoles, allow me to subvert your expectations."

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kevoncox3488d ago

Looks like it will be better than I thought. I still wished i had M&K support. However, I like what MS is doing with the franchise. I rather this than 200 JaK and Dexter titles.

JaggedSac3488d ago

Cool. Nice to hear some good things about the game.