Titles that may not make 2009

That Gaming Site writes: "2009 already looks to be a great year for gaming, the unfortunate truth when it comes to a stellar year is titles will be delayed to avoid the usual "hassles" attributed to a "clogged" year. Here are a few titles we believe gamers will have to wait for,"

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swiftshot933402d ago

ill go nuts if team ico's game does not make 09 :(

thor3402d ago

I wouldn't get your hopes up. Nothing's been announced - for all we know they could have been working on a project for 3 years that got cancelled. For all we know, their next game won't be as fantastic, even in concept, as it is hyped up to be. Great developers don't always make great games, and we can't possibly judge when nothing's been announced.

OGharryjoysticks3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

I seriously doubt it. I have to agree with the guy at 1.1 because nothing has been said about what is going on although I wouldn't believe it if they released a racing game however because Sony already has GT, Motorstorm, Wipeout, and Twisted Metal to fill the racing fix for gamers.

lalalala3402d ago

Personally I can see Alan Wake, Team Ico game and the Zelda game coming out 2010. I'm pretty sure Heavy Rain will be out by 2009, but truth be told, Sony doesn't need it in 2009

Beast_Master3402d ago

Want a trailer for Ico's game in 2009. Ico's game won't be released in 09. White Knight Chronicles should release this year which is not being talked about. I have a feeling GoW3 and GT5 will have trouble releasing in 09. But I have faith that we Will see Heavy Rain. 2010 could be huge With Ico's game and FF13/ vs. etc.

Freak of Nature3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Team Icos next game being a racer would be a major letdown to me.I like racers and all,but when it comes down to anything from team Ico I want an action/adventure game...

The games I want the most are no where to be seen sadly.Team Ico's next game,at least we know it is in the works,but where oh where is the release date? Then Beyond good and evil 2,it's being worked on,but no where in sight.And then the next Jak game,a game with endless possibilities on the Ps3,is it being worked on in total cover? I hope so,the waiting game continues...

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chaosatom3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Well, at least 360 has one exclusive franchise that will make it in 2009 aka halo.

Aclay3402d ago

The only PS3 exclusive games that I think might not make a 2009 release are God of War 3 and possibly DC Universe Online, but I think most of the rest will definantly come out in 2009 for sure.

I disagree with this article about Heavy Rain and I do think that Heavy Rain is gonna make a 09' release because there's already been a full onstage gameplay demonstration of it way back at Leipzig last year and I think it'll be ready before the end of the year.

I really don't see why Team ICO's next game is on the list when it hasn't even been officially announced.... My guess is that Team ICO's game will be announced at E3 or at TGS and will be released sometime in 2010.... right now I really just don't see their next game coming in 2009 when there hasn't even been a Trailer for the game yet and when it hasn't even been officially announced yet... and on top of that, the PS3 2009 lineup is already pretty packed.

MURKERR3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

will make 2009 david cage has CONFIRMED it for goodness sake

Elven63402d ago

3D Realms and Take Two CONFIMED Duke Nukem for 2003, and 2004...and get the picture don't you? Developers saying something one day won't mean a thing the next.

callahan093402d ago

That's different. Sony has been showing Heavy Rain a lot lately, and they put a big feature on Heavy Rain in the previous episode of Qore, and they said it'll be out in 2009. Also, the story, voice acting, and motion capture for the game are all 100% finished, confirmed by David Cage in the Qore interview. So I think it's pretty likely to hit 2009.

militant073402d ago

Ubisoft already confirmed that Splinter Cell Conviction will be out before March 2010.

and im pretty sure Alan Wake will make it 2009, we well see that in GDC or E3.

i have no idea how heavy rain is played or anything about it.

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