TechRadar: Jan 09 - a cracking month in gaming

Forget the credit crunch, 2009 already rules...

Put aside your partisan fanboy differences this month and celebrate the fact that 2009 IS going to be a golden year for technological innovation in gaming...

January is close to over. We can soon stop worrying ourselves sick over money, faddish diets or brain-numbing tax returns and get back to what makes our souls sing. Namely, playing, talking about and getting hyped up about what new videogames and gaming tech are on the way in 2009.

Leaving aside the rather exciting fact that EA's sublime Skate 2 has just come out and that Microsoft and Rockstar have Halo Wars and Grand Theft Auto on DS due within a matter of weeks, let's cast our eyes back over January to cherry-pick the highlights of the month's gaming news on TechRadar.

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