Azentium: Prince of Persia Review/Analysis: God's Warriors

Characters like Elika, the Hunter, and Concubine, never fully grasp that they are simply fighting a war that is over power, not what they believe to be a war between good and evil.

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jack_burt0n3373d ago

I felt compelled to comment, that was a good review and I will probably check out POP but if you are going to make comments like that make sure you keep a balance its more a case of the western world suffering from brainwashing, friends and loved ones going to a war they really know nothing about and what they do hear is pure propaganda those are just as much soldiers of "God" as any fanatically religious terrorist. They have faith in protecting a country where the only way to truly fight the threat would have been in washington. Roll on the truth, peace and freedom of thought.

azentium3373d ago

Thank you for the comment Jack. Anyway, to your point, you are completely right. This type of brainwashing occurs on both sides of the battlefield and me only addressing the radical extremist side was a bit of mistake. Originally I attempted to distance myself from causing any sort of controversy that would come with discussing the effects of propaganda on our side, but in retrospect it was very cowardly of me to do so. Again, I thank you very much for pointing that flaw out and I hope that I can use your constructive criticism to improve any review I write in the future.