Gamezine's Most Anticipated Games of 2009 - Part 3/4

Gamezine: It's time for the third part of Gamezine's Most Anticipated Games of 2009.

You can find links to parts one and two at the bottom of this article, and at the end of this four part feature you'll be able to vote for your most anticipated games of the year!

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Time Lord3487d ago

Uncharted & Splinter Cell

leila013487d ago

I'm really anticipating Bayonetta since the man behind it is the creator of the Devil May Cry series. I hope Bayonetta will live up to my expectations.

-GametimeUK-3487d ago


for the millionth time... UNCHARTED FTW... The rest of 09 doesnt even matter

gametheory3487d ago

You praising uncharted? I guess there can always be hope.

n4f3486d ago

uncharted is meh it would be better on 360 imo

Cartesian3D3487d ago

most of the games are shooters or RPG.. whatever..

my most anticipated game is Heavy rain. I like to feel the atmosphere,Story,secrets,myste ry,Darkness... not just shooting.

techie3487d ago

Heavy Rain might be good. I am anticipated to see how it turns out..

pippoppow3487d ago

It's something that's different from the norm that looks very interesting.

techie3487d ago

Why? Including Parts 1 and 2? I can't think of that many other games being released to be honest...I mean what the hell else is there?

Antan3487d ago

Mr/Miss/Mrs Green would you to compile a list of 360 titles only please. No doubt including APB, Warhound, Huxley, Ferarri Project...etc etc....Have you not seen all the previews and screenshots for said gaimes?!

techie3487d ago

You talking to me Antan?

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The story is too old to be commented.