MotorStorm Pacific Rift Game Update Just Around the Corner

Playstation blog writes:
The first major update for MotorStorm Pacific Rift is currently in the final stages of development and testing. This update contains many improvements and amendments to the game, as well as fixes to several issues reported on the forum, and is scheduled for release in the near future.

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Blademask3459d ago

If you played the demo and got turned off by the game(being just like the first one, and underwhelming) Like I did, you honestly need to give the game a second chance. The SP is great, the Online is smooth, and the game just feels great. Each vehicle feels different, the driving is a bit more simulation than arcade, traction, mud, water, heat.. balancing all of those to win a race.. knowing which one will be weaker if there is an incline hehe.

and the graphics are phenomenal and photorealistic from the hood view.

Its sold 1+ million, online is great. Rent the game if you were turned off by the demo. It was an old old old build.

Screens of actual gameplay:

There is a photomode, but it just takes pictures when you hit pause of the world around you. There is no after-effect put on any of the images. Its cool as hell..

If you move the camera while taking a picture, it wont be focused ;) Enjoy.

blusoops3459d ago

Gonna have to agree. I got this game before Christmas for like $40 at circuit city and the only reason i bought it was because of the price and i had a $25 gift card there. I had other games to play and i finally started playing 2 weeks ago and i can't put it down. Without a doubt the best off road racer ever!!
Don't know what's wrong with the reviewers...Pure's got nothing on Motorstorm2 !!!!!
graphics and track design = phenomenal!!

jBat173459d ago

totally agree, man

exhilarating is the best word that describes this game!

out of the 16 tracks, i say 10 are such a blast to play. high quality designs and awesome graphics. this is one game that never gets old.. wish they can patch a 3D option

Bathyj3459d ago

I dont get it.

I loved the demo.

Of course, the game is better.

no-spin3459d ago

what the hell?
i was decided to buy it but the demo turned me off!!
now you people say the game is kick ass and the tracks are phenomenal!

rockleex3459d ago

The demo SUCKED. Like others here, my brother ended up buying it for discount. I had never tried it.

My friends came over one day and we needed something new to play, COD4 and Warhawk 4 player splitscreen was getting repetitive.

So we decided to pop in Motorstorm 2 for the hell of it.


After 6 hours we were still playing it non-stop and they didn't want to go home! XD

jib3459d ago

except for the demo part. it was actually what made me buy the game. wish they fixed some gameplay issues though.

like.. maybe tweaking the atv so it isnt sucking so much asss

Maddens Raiders3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift The Best Off-Road Racing Game of ALL-TIME

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thereapersson3459d ago

Motorstorm 2 is one of the best racing games of 2008, regardless of what reviewers say. And those NeoGaf screenshots are simply breathtaking!

remanutd553459d ago

lunatics united!!!!!!!!!!!!! wanna play online blademask?? psn id remanutd5

The gaming GOD3459d ago

The demo did such a poor job representing the finished product here. I personally don't even know what possessed me to buy the game after I played that demo. But regardless, I'm glad I did buy it. My only complaint is how difficult the game gets later towards the end in festival mode.

pwnsause3459d ago

that demo was just released too early.

The gaming GOD3459d ago

It's that they used one of their earlier builds. Not the later or last one.

So it gave off the appearance that the game was average. But for those of us that have the FULL game, we know the game is GREAT!

Gambit073459d ago

Any Motorstormer can add me Gambit07. Best racing game of 2008.

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