GameGazette challenges Todd Howard to an interview about Fallout 3 controversy

Darkpower of writes:

"As most of you very well know by now, Bethesda's Todd Howard has made a very controversial quote concerning an endgame to Fallout 3 on the Playstation 3. He said, "Not at this time, no." This is while both the 360 version and the PC version of the popular game is scheduled to recieve post-ending content for their versions. Many people, even though that have no plans to buy a PS3 console, have called this move highly unfair and without a reason behind it. Many knew about Bethesda's decision to give the 360 some exclusive downloadable content, but never did they imagine this kind of shafting for one system's version.

This is where Game Gazette comes in. Todd Howard apparently has a love fest for MTV Multiplayer, and is obviously doing the rounds for talking to people. We want to have the opportunity to ask him a few tough questions about his reasoning behind the PS3 version being shafted like this. In this regard, I am going to challenge Todd Howard to answer these questions, and to e-mail me so we can get something set up for him to answer them, because the gamers deserve some answers that he isn't giving to questions that not too many will be asking him."

UPDATE: The story was just updated with Darkpower stating that he had already tried to call Bethesda and to get in touch with Todd Howard.

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solidjun53458d ago

This won't end well at all.

panasonic233458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

i thought ps3 owners don't care about dlc every ps3 owner on this site said dlc is a waste of money i will never buy it now yall want it lol

PirateThom3458d ago

It's not about the DLC, it's about the level cap and ability to continue. Stuff that should be patched, not only offered as paid, downloadable content to only part of the userbase.

Deviant3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

u fail so hard :-/ ..." lol "

pwnsause3458d ago

panasonic sucks. they fail hard.

BrianC62343457d ago

It shouldn't end until Bethesda is honest with PS3 gamers who bought Fallout 3. We deserve to either get the DLC or know why we aren't. If Microsoft paid $50 million for it then tell us the truth. Bethesda seem like cowards. They ignore this topic like the plague. All I know is next time they release a game I'll remember this and it will help me decide if I buy their game or not. If they want me to they'll release the DLC on the PS3.

BrianC62343457d ago

"i thought ps3 owners don't care about dlc every ps3 owner on this site said dlc is a waste of money i will never buy it now yall want it lol"

That isn't true. You probably mean the GTA IV DLC. For that game I say it is no big deal. I wouldn't have a problem with the Fallout 3 DLC if we at least knew the truth. Some people say the 360 and PC got exclusive DLC because Microsoft paid for it but I haven't seen anything official about that.

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panasonic233458d ago

lol dark power ahahahah wasn't u one of the ps3 fanboys saying u don't care dlc now u want lol i bet u wanted talk too rockstar about the dlc only for 360 i want it for my ps3

JD_Shadow3458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

1. I didn't have the site then, you dumbass.
2. Since when did I ever say that?
3. It's obvious you're a 360 fanboy that thinks that the other systems shouldn't get anything your favorite system gets.

But thank you for upping the temp on this one. Getting this situation known is perfect for me. Thanks for doing my work for me by trolling this thing.

@panasonic23 below: Do I ever say I wanted the 360 to burn in hell or anything like that? No, I don't. I just don't like some of the ways MS does their business. It doesn't mean I hold a hatred for any system at all. You, on the other hand, seem contempt to waste all your bubbles on trolling and making these assumptions when you know very little about my stances.

And, if you notice, you're the only one that's b!tching that others are not happy about this decision by Bethesda. This should tell you something: That not even the 360 fanboys that usually troll are with you on this. Why you even want for any system to get screwed like this is beyond me. What if it was the 360 that was not going to get this but the PS3 and PC was? Would you be saying the same thing and whining that people care so much about what was said?

Megaton3458d ago

Well I'm glad somebody wants to actually ask that question publicly, instead of MTV Multiplayer wasting everyone's time with questions like; "Doesn't V.A.T.S. get boring when you can head shot everyone?". Though you'd be a fool to expect quality from anything associated with MTV in the first place.

Really pissed off about the DLC situation with this game.

panasonic233458d ago

lol and it obvious you're a ps3 fanboy so stop trying to make it like you're not a fanboy

lokiroo4203458d ago

doth my ears deceive me or is there a sh1t ton of popping happening here? Let me add to the music, pop, before only one is left.

Double-Edged3458d ago

this is a prime example of 360 delivering the phrase.......

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