GT300 is Nvidia's DirectX 11

Fudzilla writes, "Nvidia is working on what looks to be its first DirectX 11 card and as it was the case before, Nvidia will start with DirectX 11 in the ultra high-end and it will pass it on to slower cards at a later date. The codename that we've heard is a quite logical one, GT300, and this card will help Nvidia to fight and eventually take the performance crown in ultra high-end market."

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trancefreak3492d ago

Damn im kinda glad i still get good use out of my 8800gtx. When the games other than crysis require this horse power i will upgrade. till then im good :)

NRG3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

As much as I like Nvidia, I don't think these economic times are optimal for pushing out a new six-hundred-some dollar video card. Even if they were to make a card 40% faster than ATI's best, not too many people are going to care if it's $200 more. They should just keep the value market competitive with AMD/ATI.

awi59513492d ago

And what games is going to run this? No one has really topped Crysis yet. I Got 2 ATI 4870 1gig in my computer im not buying another card for awhile.

TheIneffableBob3492d ago

We can't just let technology stagnate. We have to constantly evolve in order to continue to advance. Plus, they're not forcing you to buy these cards. Those with the money will be able to buy these cards and play their games at 2560x1600 with max settings while those without much money will be able to use a more modest card like a $150 HD 4850 to play games with high settings at 1920x1200.

iiraymoii3491d ago

Why Nvidia???? Why are you guys doing this?? Work with the current tech..dx10 has not been out that long. Over Zealous idiots.

DeadlyFire3491d ago

DirectX 10 cards can download DirectX 11. So the cards can use them both. Besides that hardly any new PC games even use DirectX 10. Some still using DirectX 9 cuz it performs better. Microsoft is jumping over DirectX 10 and Vista for Windows 7 which supports DirectX 10, 10.1, and 11.

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