Lens of Truth: Head2Head - Star Wars Force Unleashed

Lens of Truth writes, "We sat down with LucasArts newest epic Star Wars Force Unleashed. LucasArts has been hard at work on this title for a while and hoped to push this new series with extreme Jedi powers introduced to us back in Star Wars Jedi Knight Outcast and Jedi Academy. Overall this is a good looking game and although slow with a some levels that stretch on a little too long, there's a good story. Like usual PS3 had an initial install while Xbox 360 jumped right into the game. Load times were relatively the same on both consoles and were masked under cut scenes so the typical gamer would most likely sit through them to get the full story and not realize they're actually sitting through loading. Once we got into the game the consoles started to show their true colors."

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evildeli3459d ago

This game was ported to the PS3 but runs better then the Xbox. Way to just give this win to PS3.

ArthurLee3458d ago

Nice Head 2 Head. If the 360 version is screen tearing that much I would trade it in instantly. If I get this game down the road it will be the PS3 version.

Baron793458d ago

Yes, sluggish/bad controls ruin great games, like Tomb Raider and this for the 360!

Soul Train3458d ago

The 360 version has better textures and tie fighters, did the cell forget those. I like the shiney floor 2.

Baron793458d ago

Keep your stupid tie-fighters, the xbox version screen tearing like that would make it almost unplayable. I'll take the mandatory install in the PS3 Version, thanks. Enjoy your extra tie-fighters!

Soul Train3458d ago

Dude your missing graphics that developers added for a reason, so you can see them. Obviously the cell is just too complex to process some little tie-fighters and higher-res textures ,right? pleeeeease bro, xbox wins again!