Take Notes Sony and Microsoft, Here are the Six Reasons Nintendo is Wiping the Floor with You

Grand finale of Second Story Gamer's three-part series analyzing the advantages of each system coming up. Here are the six reasons Nintendo is the industry leader at the moment, and wiping the floor with Sony and Microsoft.

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Maddens Raiders3486d ago

1.) Old women

2.) Old men

3.) Kids

4.) Curious casuals that have problems playing Tetris

5.) Soccer moms

6.) Rehab centers

Pennywise3486d ago

Yeah basically, become NIN and leave the gamers wanting games with great graphics and "hardcore" game play in the dark.

nycredude3486d ago

If SOny or MS listens to this no name freaking wack ass no hits site then I will enlist hackers of the world to rip this site to threads and then I will huff and puff and blow their office down!

Is this guy retarded? I want games not gimmicks!!!

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kingme713486d ago

The author missed the 3 key points for the Wii's success: Wiimote, Wii Sports and the fad factor

Once casuals could see how easy it was to control the game using the Wiimote and it didn't require 26 buttons to play, they were drawn in. To capitalize on that, Wii Sports (perhaps the most important game ever created by Nintendo arguably up there with Mario games) gave them a tangible game to use it in and games that they were immediately familiar with: bowling, tennis, golf, etc. You could argue that without Wii Sports, the Wii would never have had the success it has.

The final point is the fad factor. Ask anyone on the street and they immediately know what a Wii is and why it is unique. Most people would say they are interested in getting one (if they don't already have one). Why is that? Because it is talked about by friends, its success is on the news, its the "in" thing right now. Regardless of the fact it will get pushed aside 4 weeks after purchase and start collecting dust.

panasonic233486d ago

agree but people gonna hate on wii just becasue it not HD or the wii games not like gears of war2 or killzone 2 with awesome graphic.

Chris3993486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Back in the 90s.

Nintendo isn't innovative at all. Their marketing is brilliant.

Same as fashion really. Take a pair of faded jeans from the 70s, called them "stone-washed" put a Versace label on them and suddenly they're a hot commodity.

Not innovative, just highly marketable.

ballsofsteel3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

hell no in fact the wiimote just replaced a button press with a waggle. i've played some wii games and wii games just substitute a certain movement to activate a move rather than a button press thats not innovation. red steel is a perfect example when i first saw it i thought it was going to have cool sword fighting in it when in fact all you had to do was go crazy with the control and you could slice and dice anyone you wanted without any effort. the only good wii game that somewhat took good use of the wiimote was metroid prime but again all the wii mote did was take the place of the right analogue stick nothing more it didn't heighten the immersion or anything. even great games like SSBB, zeld:TP, and SMG would have been the same on the GC controller.

the one major thing that really pisses me off about Nintendo is how they sold out the core users. and now i'm not talking about wanting HD graphics and stuff i could care less about that the one main that gets me is how they barely producing games for the casual users now a days and all we get is trash like wii fit and wii music. if you don't believe look at Reggie's comment at last year E3 when he said animal crossing was enough for the core users to last them for the holidays. nintendo knew they would appeal to stupid parents wanting to get them the console that "makes them move" and crap and wiifit is proof of that that their #1 goal is casuals and they will try to please the casuals even at the core users expense

the wii is nothing more than a gimmick/fad i mean if people that the wii was soo good as it's sales suggest then why does the wii no get a good(if any) port of a third party titles thats great on 360/PS3? honestly if you took a survey of how much wii users are using their consoles i bet you most would say an hour a week at best. almost everyone i know stopped playing their wii a long while ago.

and another side just cause the wii is winning in terms of sales i would easily say 360 or PS3 are winning cause their game lineup simply outclass Nintendo in every way possible

Voiceofreason3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

So what Chris?? Atari had a motion sensing controller. Motion sensing controllers are nothing new. Motion sensing controllers that actually work and gain mainstream acceptance? That's innovation. Technically HD is from the 70's... So it too is nothing new. It isnt when the technology is invented that matters but when someone makes it functional.


Actually recent surveys showed the Wii to get plenty of play time. The PS3 however was behind the original xbox. N4G does not represent the world. If it did the PS3 would be the only console that existed. The way gaming is portrayed on N4G and how it actually is in reality are two very different things.
Oh and Reggie never said AC alone was enough for the core. He said AC and Wario. Wario was good but AC is also not a core game imo also but let's not spin it.

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Shane Kim3486d ago

"non-gamers refer to their video game console as “a Nintendo” even when you clearly see that it’s a PS2."

Hahah, I used to call my Nintendo, Atari when I was a kid :P.

Gr813486d ago

I love these hardcore gaming imposters. Say what you will about Nintendo but know that next gen every console will be implementing motion controls, I guess that's when motion controls will no longer be called a 'gimmick.' Gotta love the buzz words like "non-gamers" wtf does that mean? Sold out to core gamers...yeah right.

The True core gamers know that Wii is the only traditional console on the market. The only thing traditional about the HD twins is the input device, in all honesty the HD twins are just jr. pc's.

nycredude3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Sony already has motion control sensor in the DS3 and guess what, the gamers don't really want it!

THere in lies the major difference between the Wii and the other two consoles.

If the Ps3 or xbox 360 wants to imitate the Wii it can by implementing a new type of control system. If the Wii wanted to imitate the Ps3 or xbox 360 well all you have to do is well... uhhh... hmmm... make a new console!!!

BTW the Wii mote sucks the accuracy is wack and it doesn't work well. I bought a Wii, played it for one day, recognized it for what it was (gimmick) and sold it right away. I am a gamer not a sucker. When the wii starts getting good games or better graphics then I might purchase another.

I have to admit though if Sony is really working on a Wiimote type control system as rumored before then wow! Ps3 graphics with that control system gotta be great!

Edit: Dude you sound like a sucker that got suckered into buying the Wii and you are trying to justify your purchase while waiting for decent games to play. WTF is a traditional console? Do you even know what makes the insides of a Wii or Ps3 or xbox 360? You calling people out yet you talk out the side of your face! Junior Pcs? Huh? A PC is a PC and a console is a console and it doesn't matter what is inside. It's what they do and who they are marketed to. The fact of the matter the Wii is for kids, wives, grandma and granfather, and the occasional hardcore gamers out there that like the Nintendo Brand.

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