Could Fallout 3 DLC come to the PS3?


"Sites such as the infamously inaccurate VGChartz put the total sales around 3 million sold to date. However, even this number is grossly inaccurate because the site stops counting sales for different regions at different times for different platforms. I would estimate that the Xbox 360 probably sold around 2 million units, PS3 around 1.6 million units and PC around 1 million units.

With such a large install base on the PS3, would Bethesda Software miss the opportunity to sell DLC on the PSN? Considering that Bethesda Software has put DLC on the PSN before with the previously released Oblivion it makes sense that the company would do that again."

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aspergersyndrome3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )


It would be a waste of time, money and effort!

HighDefinition3338d ago

But.........When you reach level 20, it shows you can advance to 21.


You would think something is coming.

MrWonderful3338d ago

just like you having more than 1 bubble

HighDefinition3338d ago

You kinda just got owned!!!!!!!

@peoples champ

I`ll help.

aspergersyndrome3338d ago

This time tommorow I will be playing Operation Ancorage. Will you?

Qdog3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

It wont make you any less of an unsupportive, selfish, and incompetent wannabe gamer. I'm not the type to start throwing around insults, but that was plain nasty, what you said. A gamer supports other gamers regardless of the console of choice, a wannabe brings to light his feelings with tasteless and inconsiderate comments like the one you made. Learn to game and be apart of a community of platform independent gamers. Please dont make yourself look like a slur-lipped, slack-jawed, "cut off the nose despite the face", fanboy, as we have enough of those.

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Nathan Drake3338d ago

GTA4 DLC is a timed-exclusive,so this is a possibility

Blaze9293338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

where did you ever get the impressions that the GTA Expansion Packs were timed exclusives?...becuase they were never said to be. There WILL be 'different' DLC to hit the PS3 for GTA4 likely which would be the same situation with Fallout 3. The deal on the 360 is for exclusive DLC. timed or not, we dont know.

But nothing is stopping them from getting different DLC. Only problem with that and GTA4 is that it wont be exclusive to the PS3 so if only not out of the good of R* and Bethesda's heart, itll be released on both platforms.

andron6663338d ago

You people are seriously delusional, if you think R* and Bethesda are going to make more DLC, when all they need to do is port it over.

Only time will show, but "timed exclusive" is the name of the game. I know this harsh truth might hurt fanboys, but us gamers ...

IaMs123338d ago

i seriously doubt that GTAIV DLC is coming to PS3 due to the fact that MS paid a whomping 50 million dollars for it. No way they would let it slide that easy. They could have had a new IP with that money.

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aj1nkya3338d ago

Dunno maybe it will

BTW Vg chartz doesn't stop counting sales for different regions at different times

Fallout 3 released in each region at a different America will have more sales data (weeks wise) as it has been out or longer so American sales data could go upto week 9 while Japanese only till Week 2 (as it may have been out there only for 2 weeks so far)

jBat173338d ago

so, Bethesda, how much did M$ pay you? i'd double that.

seriously, that's the only reason DLC won't coming to the PS3. thanks for screwing a significant number of your customers, you greedy retards! i'll start a boycott on Bethesda games from now on. never liked their games to begin with, anyway..

aspergersyndrome3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

I smell another petition. Olfactory senses don't fail me now!



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