Gamer.Blorge: PS3 Wireless Keypad review - Bringing Playstation Home to life


"I'd highly recommend the PS3 Wireless Keypad for anyone who uses Home regularly or those who would rather text chat than voice chat. The rest of you will probably be able to make do with the on-screen keyboard, especially at the US$50/£25 asking price."

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Snow3494d ago

I have this but i hardly ever use it.I guess im just used to the USB keyboard.It's so much faster and easier to use.

This is good for when your playing a game and you want to send a quick message to someone.

But for Home a Keyboard is the way to go in my opinion.

Kleptic3494d ago

I like it...i had a logi mediaboard since early 2008...and it was fine for web browsing, but I usually was too lazy to dig it out for messaging and stuff...

and anyone with a PS3 knows that the on screen keyboard is worthless for typing a message of any worth...

I picked this up for killzone 2 and the approaching clan stuff...and a much less level...Home...I lucked out though, got it for half price at Circuit City, because they had already offed all their PS3's (why that discounted this thing so much is beyond me, but that is what I was told) if there is a CC near you, check there if you are interested in this...they had a shipment of 50 at my local store just before the company went under...and they were right by the entrance...with PS eyes and BD remotes, all 50% all 3 for $50 total...not bad...

but yeah...its nice having this thing always attatched...and it does fit perfectly...its wierd...I think the start and select buttons actually feel better to push with this thing than they did originally...and even the DS3 was on the light side for my taste...only wish it was illuminated...

definitely worth it for me...but could see why someone may find $50 for a new one a little harsh...