OFF THE WALL: The Proper Care and Feeding for Guitar Controllers

Geck0 of GameVortex writes, "Since you are reading this, I assume that there is probably some reason that you are worrying about taking care of your guitar controller. Perhaps other controllers have broken on you in the past or perhaps you have a friend whose guitar controller got broken. Maybe you are concerned about the cost of purchasing a replacement. All of these could be very valid concerns.

First off, let me assure you that, in general, the guitar controllers are fairly sturdy, given typical usage conditions. That is, if you play with them normally, they should hold up well. However, if you pretend that you're a rock star and smash it against the floor after a performance or run around your house, dragging it behind you and letting it smack into things, then it's not likely to last very long.

There are primarily 3 things to consider in the care for your guitar controller. First: how you use the controller. Second: the cord (or batteries, if cordless) and finally, how you store the controller."

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