Limited edition GTA IV Microsoft Points card revealed

Console Monster writes: " has revealed a special Microsoft Points card worth 1600 Microsoft Points will be released next month. The Points card, printed with a Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned design will be a limited edition, released on Friday 13th February 2009.

The purpose of the Points card is to raise awareness of Grand Theft Auto IV's downloadable content released very soon after the Points card on the 17th, which ironically is also worth 1600 Microsoft Points. Whilst it may not seem to be a cheaper alternative to buying a 2100 Microsoft Points card, it's something to look out for...."

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AAACE53486d ago

I wonder if they will drop the price of the regular game in order to get more people to take part in this.

Dropping the price down to $30-$40 and/or including a point card or a code would probably help the DLC get far.