Make Or Break Year For PS3?: How Sony Can Get Back In The Game

By now, you've probably finished all of the video games you received as gifts. You may even be looking for your new game fix.

If so, rest assured: 2009 is poised to be a terrific year for gamers. But it also could be a critical, perhaps even a make-or-break year for the PlayStation 3.

As most gamers know, Sony's flagship system, launched with great fanfare in November 2006, has so far run a distant third among consoles in this generation. According to a recent Nielsen survey, the PS3 even trails a pair of last-gen systems, the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox, in gamer usage.

The reasons for the PS3's disappointing showing are no secret. At $399, the PS3 is by far the highest-priced console on the market, and it has been since its inception. The price disparity vis-a-vis competing systems from Nintendo and Microsoft is even more significant given consumers' general reluctance to part with a buck during the current recession. The good news is that some industry analysts are predicting a PS3 price drop early this year, which should help sales.

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Gue13336d ago

Why are all these sites giving tips to Sony on how manage a company? I mean, Sony has a bigger and far richer empire than their poor, no name websites!

Uneducated Loser3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

The only way back in is a price cut.

Unfortunately when your business posts a 2 billion dollar loss for the year it's just not an option. Their hardware is already costing them money and their software sales are no where near the 360's.

Nathan Drake3336d ago

*Yawn* Just heard a rumor that Blizzards next big MMO is going to be on consoles

Blademask3336d ago

*audience gasp*

The PS3 is the most expensive console, news at 11. They will drop the price when they drop the price. It aint going anywhere anytime soon, not with 17 million consoles on the market.

No one wrote the 360 off when it had less in 2 years sold.

Spike473336d ago

And with all the great 2009 exclusives and probably some strong marketing, the PS3 can ONCE AGAIN make a comeback and this time stay on top.

Genesis53336d ago

Well after seeing that the PS2 is still the most widley used console in NA. I still beleive that whole lot of PS2 owners are just waiting for a PS3 price cut.

Kleptic3336d ago

"make or break year for crap blog articles that come in by the hundreds a week?"...

yes...definitely...sadly writing these cheeseball articles to get hits...thats how sites like this 'get back in the game'...

Danja3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I see these journalist are just trying to get there last steam of hate out towards the PS3 before thngs start to pick up ..

this article is really late to the party and fails also..

when you have a systems priced at $400 in it's 2nd year and is still able to keep up with the cheaper competition common sense says when the price comes down sales will take off....

with the best games line up this year again , plus a price cut ...hopefully they keep there word and step up on there marketing ..Sony will be good this year...

3336d ago
Blaze9293336d ago

Just after dominating the market with the PS3, its hard and surprising to see it in third place with the current gen competition. By "back in the game" im sure they mean reclaim the number #1 company they were known to be.

And no one is forcing anyone to CLICK these n4g submissions...just saying. Tired of them? Ignore them? Just a thought

GWAVE3336d ago

*sigh* How can Sony get back in the game? They already ARE in the game. Geez. If anything, we should be asking ourselves "how can Microsoft stay in the game?" with all of their closures of 1st-party devs and all their 2nd-party devs jumping ship.

Anon19743336d ago

It was getting tiring pointing out the exact same thing over and over again. It still mystifies me why the PS3 is viewed as struggling but when the 360 only had 13 million after 2 years no one said boo and how damn near every single article ignores that fact.

If you're judging a race between two runners and one starts sooner, do you judge who's winning by who crosses the finish line first? Of course not, you'd figure out who was fastest over the same distance. Right now between the PS3 and 360, that's the PS3 hands down.

Danja3336d ago

did you really think Sony expected the PS3 to crush the competition like the PS2 did...when it was originally priced at $600 , and currently at $400...obviously not...

no-one except for the die hard fanboys expected this...the PS3 was able to sell 20 million in 2 years which other console could have done this at such a steep price...?

The best is yet to come from the PS3 so sales will only increase as time goes on

Blaze9293336d ago

Did i once mention Sony? I'm just saying with the success of the PS2, people, EVERYONE, expected the PS3 to release on the top of its game and quickly catch up to competition and pass it already back to #1. Get back in the game as bring back the core exclusives; twisted metal, sly cooper, jak and daxter. Get back in the game as letting the playstation name be the one you hear people have the most and want. get back in the game to BE #1. Not being pummeled by a product whose inferior was a complete crap of a game system.

Blademask3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

There is no credit or measurement of "USED TO BE" The PS2 is the strongest console the world has ever seen. Its Sony's heritage, the PS2 stood for technically advanced hardware, great exclusives, and a coolness factor that sony products often have. The problem with you and everyone else is that you believed the PS3 would instantly duplicate the success of the PS2. Based on WHAT? You people keep regurgitating the same tired argument of "BUH BUH THE PS2" The Ps2 was lucky to get where it got and launch without the competition the PS3 had.

Because the PR reps said you would work two jobs for it? You and CNN believed it?

This is the MAIN argument for why the PS3 is failing, and its a ridiculous argument to begin with. There is no facts stating that Sony said "In 3 years we "will topple the wii and everything else, there will be nothing but a wake of hardware carcasses as we devour babies souls one by one!" Its a fanboy argument. There is absolutely no substance to the argument that just because the PS2 did it, the PS3 is supposed to mimic it.

The PS3 cost 600 dollars and LAUNCHED with the Wii & 360(with a year head start in multiplatform gaming). What the hell can't people comprehend here? What idiotic world would we need to live in to see a $600 dollar console, with no Killzone2 looking games selling 40 million units in one year to be #1? Why did you people believe this in the first place? And why is it used as a measuring stick? If the ps3 was 5000 dollars at launch, the same idiots would be saying "HAHAHA its not #1". Instead of actually looking at factors that make a console #1. Look at the Wii.

The PS3 has out sold the 360 in the same time period, including a depression, and its the most expensive console out on the market to where the competition 360 is at a questionable "8 million" lead w/rrod #'s never being confirmed or reported, and a suspect "17 million xbla subscribers" out of 28 million consoles "sold". Im sure everyone loves the offline 360 content. All those are accounted for in households right? no one has a faulty 360. All 28 million are in use.

And no matter what the PS3 & The 360 has done, the Wii has killed both. But again, its just a case of the first loser pointing out there is someone else behind them, after the 360 has done everything it can do to keep competitive, and even when its cheaper than the Wii, it still gets out sold, and its even outsold by the PS3 in regions of the world. Including NOrth america until its Price drop.

So please, if you were one of the 8 idiots who thought a $600 dollar console with no games was going to sell more than the wii & the head start 360 in a year, you need to reconsider what reality is.

The only argument for why the ps3 is failing is the following:

- Price
zomg expensive!
- PS2 Sucess(which is still on going)
Buh buh ps2 was #1, so the PS3 should be!

The Ps3 has a 10 year lifespan, we are going into year 3, and its neck and neck as everyone has pointed out, until the 360 firesold the 199 arcade.

And all of this ignores the FACT that the PS3 Is pushing higher rated software, and technically advanced gaming & features that is not found anywhere but on a Playstation console.

At times its like games dont matter as long as Sony is third to some people.

Danja3336d ago

I wasn't attacking ur comment just stating that it's dumb for ppl to think that the PS3 can duplicate the PS2's success...the PS2 is still selling million every year , the price is what is hindering PS3 sales..

lets clear this up Sony never left the game ot because they aren't milking PS2 franchises dosn't mean they are out..

Twysted Metal is coming next year....

but as you can see every Generation Sony creates new Franchises outta new IP's..

this gen we have :

Resistance - creatos of R&C
Uncharted - Creators of Jak & Daxter
Infamous - Creators of Sly Cooper
Motorstorm - Creators of World Rally Championship
Warhawk - Creators of Twisted Metal...

and alot of ppl want the PS3 so it still has the cool factor..they just can't afford it right now...

callahan093336d ago

I would think it's common sense that more people use PS2's than PS3's. If you think about it, the PS2 has more consoles sold than the Wii, 360, and PS3 combined. And if you think further, you'll see that a lot of Wii owners are people that never owned a PS2, they may have owned a GameCube, may have owned an Xbox, and many of them never owned any of them, they were either not into gaming at all, or hadn't been for a long time. So, when you do the math, you see that well under half of PS2 owners have made the jump to the next-generation. So, what that means is that there are more people out there that only own a PS2 than people who own one of the new systems. Makes sense to me that a lot of them are still playing their PS2's. Considering there are only about 20 million PS3's versus like 130 or 140 million PS2's, of COURSE the PS2 is being played by more people.

CrazzyMan3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

IF today, there about:
45 mln. Wii sold.
27 mln. x360 sold.
20 mln. PS3 sold.

Now, questions:
1) What will happen, if there will be 35 mln. x360 sold and 40 mln. PS3 sold?
2) What will happen, if there will be 40 mln. x360 sold, 60 mln. Wii sold and 61 mln. PS3 sold?

3) Now, why should Sony catch other consoles sales and why should Sony lose profit during recession with 100$ price cut?

And the concusion, EVERY PS3 owner is already a WINNER. He is getting GREAT AAA 1st and 2nd party exclusives games. Has FREE online and trophies. Also 3rd party developers continue SUPPORT PS3, and moreover, many of them already started to choose PS3 as main/lead platform in developing multipaltform games.

People, try to understand, that this gen is NOT the same situation, as last gen with 100 mln. PS2 and 24-25 mln. GC/xbox. PS3 might have lost some EXCLUSIVE 3rd party support, BUT those games still are coming and there still be coming 3rd party exclusive Japanese games for PS3 like Yakuza 3, Demon`s Soul, Quantum Theory, Cyber Connect game and many other. :)

kevoncox3336d ago

I love the BS that You Sony fanboys are trying to shell out."Oh we never said the Ps3 would do XXXX"

What liars? In 2005 when the ps3 was still a wee pup in Sony's eyes, you fanboys came out in full force. It was supposed to dominante, The price didn't matter and xbox was last gen and not able to compete.

Fast forward to 2009 and the ps3 is still where it started 8 million units behind the 360. It's still getting games and demos after 360 releases and lacks enough games to make it stand out from the pack. Basically, there is not enough of a reason for a gamer to pick up a ps3 if they already have 360.

2009 is a make of break year. Sony must chip into the 360's lead this year or it will never catch the 360. By Oct, 360 will be working on its fifth year and the Ps3 would be entering it's 4th.

3336d ago
Blademask3336d ago

Exactly. People just look at the PS2's success as if there were no important factors that contributed to it.

Ah well, nice to see a few people have sense on n4g.

Blaze9293336d ago

Yeah thats true. Alot of people want it but can afford it so what do they do, turn to the 360 and/or wii. A twisted Metal PS3, hell that alone would make me buy a ps3.

Why dis3336d ago

maybe next generation.

Sony borrowing money for PS3 was not a good sign.

s droid3336d ago

me, sony and just about everybody expected the ps3 to crush everyone no matter what the price was! do you honestly f"^king think that sony released the ps3 expecting it sell at it's current rate?? do you really? sony thought it was gonna be another dreamcast vs ps2, they were so confident with the playstation brand continuing it's dominance, that they even released the ps3 at such ridiculous prices. but what's the point of trying to explain things like that to you and the other sony sheep that dominate n4g??? no point at-all.

you've either got your head-up-your-arse and no clue about anything, or your talking sh!t to try and make the ps3 seem in a better position than it is today.....personally, i think your doing a bit of both!

crazzyman: lol what a load of bollox! as usual, you write nonsense, praising sony and just make yourself look like an idiot! i have a question though, seeing as you spend hours and hours defending sony, how much do they pay for it? i mean, you must be on the payroll?! coz if not, then why would someone do so much for a company? and devote themselves in such a way when there is no reward for it??????????

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Snow3336d ago

All PS3 needs is a price cut.People seem to mistake it's sluggish sales meaning it's a bad console or something..

Reality check.Everyone wants a PS3.They just can't afford it.
When the price cut comes,sales,will once again,be topping 360's.
ESPECIALLY with the incredible games coming out this year.

Killzone 2 alone is converting thousands of diehard 360 fanboys.
Even giant enemy crab can't resist Killzone 2.

ultimolu3336d ago

Thank you!

It needs a pricecut! That's it!

Kleptic3336d ago

Gaming Journalism 101:

The Price Cut:

'a price cut insures that a certain console will get an endless wave of positive press...this supercedes any facts that actually appeal to people that already own the in if its too expensive, its also a waste of everyone's time...

a price cut can remedy everything...a price cut can make a console that is struggling to hold attention relevant again...a price cut can weed out negative articles on a certain consoles history or current condition...a price cut can remove the media's attention from an ongoing public hardware beta, and bring it back to the forefront of the industry single handedly...forget upcoming lineup, forget services and support for it, and forget that a price cut can actually be used as a desperate attempt to thwart momentum of competing brands...its the price, and when it comes down, that gets the media's attention'

-Steve Douchebag, when asked why the PS3 has been set on fire in public since late 2007...and a competing console seems to get nothing but praise...

N4360G3336d ago

That's pretty much what I have been saying this whole time.Once the PS3 gets a price drop,it will surpass the Xbox 360 in total sales,and maybe even the Nintendo Wii if SONY advertises it a bit more too.

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Cajun Chicken3336d ago

1. Pricecut (The BIG factor)
2. People presuambly buy the good titles supposedly all out this year, Naughty Dog...A developer no one can ignore there.
3. Do something about BC, PS2 or PS1 sort out either, PS2 emulation or just totally fill the EU and US PSN stores with classic PSone games like Japan's PSN Store instead of stupid rubbish pocket money games. No ones going to buy them all at once, so have a freaking HUGE library for new owners to dive into. This in turn will boost PS3 and PSP sales due to the PSP being compatable with the PSone titles only availble on the PS3's PSN store.

Gobuz3336d ago

I don't think these people realise how big Sony is, their one of the biggest corporations in the world. They don't just sell Playstations.. Sony doesn't need your help lol.

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