Firing Squad: Mirror's Edge PC Review

Firing Squad writes: "Every once in awhile, a game comes along that is so fresh in ideas, you perk up and follow it through almost its entire development cycle. Mirror's Edge was like that for us, as it not only centered on locales not usually featured in games (a starkly white, clean environment versus the traditional dirty, bombed out city,) but it also was built around parkour or free running. Originally released on consoles before the holidays, the PC version recently hit store shelves from publisher EA, who is not exactly known for their originality. Mirror's Edge was on the receiving end of lukewarm reviews then, mostly due to the difficulty in controlling the player with a gamepad. Does the keyboard and mouse makes up for the lackluster reception it received on the 360 and PS3 or are there other problems keeping this game from shining to its fullest?"

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