GameSpy: Guitar Hero: Metallica Preview

GameSpy writes: "If you've ever played a Guitar Hero game before (and sales figures would suggest that you probably have), there's a very good chance that you've got a short list of bands or songs you'd like to see in upcoming iterations. While you might have some obscure favorites scattered here and there throughout your list, there are a few bands that are requested more than all others. Although we're still waiting for some Led Zeppelin action, March will see the release of an entire Guitar Hero game dedicated to one of the most influential metal bands of all-time: Metallica. We finally had a chance to check the game out for the first time last week, and it looks like it may be the hardest-rocking Guitar Hero game yet."

+Tons of great Metallica songs
+Expert+ mode supports dual bass pedals
+Extras will excite hardcore fans

-Non-Metallica songs are hit and miss
-Will Expert+ mode be too hard?

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