BITMAPS 63: Why You Get Mad at Games

"Your butt clenches up hard enough to destroy the groove pressed into your gaming chair. Your eyes bulge, your heart races, and your teeth clench. Your controller emits a variety of pops and creaks as you twist it as hard as you can. Alas, playing video games for hours on end has not granted you the herculean strength it should have, and the controller remains whole in your hands. You seek to destroy something. Anything. You want to pull the disk out of the system and snap it in half, thinking that somehow this will visit upon the developers some small measure of the pain they have inflicted on you."


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Gue13457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Because sometimes they are too difficult and I think: "Why this F*****S made this game this hard? Is almost impossible for a normal human being to beat!". Zelda II, Battlestoads and DonDonPachi are great examples of this.

With newer games I sometimes get mad because they are too easy, devs need to look for better balance.

VirtualKatz3457d ago

Yeah, I must say its easy to get mad at games. I used to throw my controllers (lost count of how many I shattered, or the money I spent replacing). I dont do that anymore, as I have gotten older I realized its just not worth it.

-GametimeUK-3457d ago

I dont smash controllers no more... Its no fun now that they are wireless... Swinging them from the wire and doing the SLEDGEHAMMER into the ground made my anger go away...

cain1413457d ago

I don't have the money to break controlers. I'd be even more upset if that happened...

-GametimeUK-3457d ago

The thing what makes me mad is games that are frustratingly hard because of the gameplay mechanics as opposed to a hard task... I hate games what make you feel cheated...

I was playing SKATE2 and some challanges were hard but in a good way... I then get to a challange where you face 2 skaters in a game of skate...

Before anyone had even bailed I spent 35 minutes copying tricks that skater 1 had set... 35 MINUTES!!!... Even if he did bail skater 2 would have to bail before I can set... My game then crashed :-S

I played it again and did the challange in 45 minutes (one game)... No way in hell should the challange of been that long and boring there is no excuse... If I could get away with it I would beat the sh*t out of whoever designed that challange and I am telling the truth here too lol

SirLarr3457d ago

I got intensely lucky playing that pro challenge. I don't know why they put it back in the game - didn't everyone hate it in Skate 1?

ThePimpOfSound3457d ago

I don't get like this. Maybe it's because I'm awesome at video games.

Nick27283457d ago

It's a tough line to find out the difference between challenge and unfair difficulty, and I can excuse a lot, but when the frustration is due to broken gameplay or a boss battle that is overly difficult. There was the example of that War Golem in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, with the four red obs. That drove me crazy, with the swapping of the orbs, the ability to regenerate damaged orbs, and all while trying to wave a Wiimote in the right direction. When I finally pulled it off I was exultant but, after that, the rest of the game didn't seem to be fun and I sold it afterward.

I agree with the article: feedback is very necessary and if your testers are throwing things through the walls then a change should be made.