Living on last year's leftovers

"I haven't written much this month about new games," writes Globe and Mail games columnist Chad Sapieha, "and that's because almost nothing released since early December has been worth reporting on.

Codemasters' Rise of the Argonauts is a sorry rip-off of God of War with one of the worst dialogue systems I've seen in the last decade. Meanwhile, Gamecock's apocalyptic shooter Legendary suffers all sorts of frustrating issues, from the hero's 20-millimetre-high jumps (which makes anything taller than a sidewalk curb act as an insurmountable obstacle) to the never-ending streams of enemies that came while I was trying to solve environmental puzzles. And THQ's backyard sports marathon Neighborhood Games, though better than many other sport compilations available for the Wii, has shoddy controls and will hardly satisfy the appetites of Nintendo fans looking for the next Wii Sports.

Still, I did play a couple of games this month that deserve a few lines of praise..."

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