Editorial: Yahoo's Mike Smith Misses Point Of Wii Review Scores

Blend Games writes:

It's amazing how writers these days seem to think that taking center stage online for everyone to read what they write seems to also apply what they write about. Yahoo's Mike Smith recently did a feature for Yahoo News about the Wii's obvious shovelware bringing down Metacritic's aggregate score for Wii titles.

The piece is entitled "Is the Wii failing to meet its potential?" when in fact, the Wii has never met its potential outside of first-party games. That's not the problem with the piece, however. The problem is that Mr. Smith deems part of the responsibility of the Wii's low Metacritic rating on game reviewers who may be out of touch with casual gamers. In a way, he compares game reviewers to elitist movie critics who praise esoteric films but rant on aspiring-to-be-funny romantic comedies. Sorry Mike, this really isn't the same thing."

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