Ski Doo debut trailer

The first trailer of Ski-Doo for the PS3 has just been released. Ski-Doo is a snowmobile game exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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Forbidden_Darkness3458d ago

Zomg! Another PS3 exclusive =)

lol, might look into it actually, havent played a snowmobile game for a while now...

coolcole933458d ago

It's a £5 PSN game with trophies. I wouldn't spend £40 on it.

Cajun Chicken3458d ago


Anyway, back on topic, this looks pretty cool, its like a combination of Motorstorm and Pure but on ice. Looks pretty good.

Skyreno3458d ago

cool anohter exclusive ^^ well looks really good love see more gamelplay may buy this, day one love snow