Burnout 'Ultimate Box' Packshots and Details

GamersDigest received some more information from EA about Criterion's upcoming Burnout Paradise 'Ultimate Box'.

They sent GamersDigest some information about the game on each platform, including platform specific details, along with the pack shots.

The game is on track for release in 11 days (Feb 6th)

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Jamegohanssj53491d ago

Will they release an update for the console versions to have split screen offline? Or has it already been released?


Cajun Chicken3491d ago

I too would also like that. Dunno if its being made though.

thezuur3491d ago

sorry guys, i really dont think splitscreen will ever happen... just like motorstorm1.

its cheap enough now, that you or your friend could pick it... ive seen it used for 17.99$.

besides, this game is worth it.
and this dev team is a great team and i would like to see them stick around.