What's new in the World at War?

Low Pings writes:

"World at War servers, aka "are we back in WWII AGAIN?", aren't known for their originality. The return to the most overused conflict in history generated feelings strong enough to drive Activision to utterly destroy the concept of numbering by announcing "CoD 4: Modern Warfare 2?.

CoD 5 servers exist, however, because the game itself is an enormous amount of fun and does add a few critical elements to the multiplayer mix."

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TheRealm3487d ago

I don't mind the fact that the franchise has gone back to WWII. This is the best COD game by far, regardless of where it is set.

SAiOSiN3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

i disagree. cod4 had a much better story, and like-able characters. the online maps are superior to the cod5 maps in every way. the cod5 maps are all camping galore. the only new things new in this are the "old" guns. other than that. garbage. cod4 and kz2 ftw! im not bashing ur opinion, cuz well that's my opinion and that's how i feel about cod5.

NaiNaiNai3487d ago

i found the CoD5, is a great game, but to many people are stuck in the past with CoD4, which feels out of date now. both games have massive spawn camping. and another problem i noticed with CoD5. is that there are alot of server drops. but overall, i loved the story in CoD4, but the story in CoD5 is much better exicuted. especially the sniper level.