FFVII special edition PS3 rockets to top of Amazon Japan's Best Sellers List

PS3 Attitude writes:

"Sometimes it's difficult for our Western minds to comprehend the absolute hold Final Fantasy has over Japan.

The release of a game in the series is truly like the Super Bowl, Christmas and a Presidential Election all rolled into one.

The "Curse of Cloud" has struck again it seems, as pre-orders for the new Advent Children themed PS3 are currently at #2 over at Amazon Japan's Best Sellers list."

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kazuma3223d ago

can you say "sold-out"? XD

rockleex3223d ago

Who claimed that FFXIII being exclusive to the PS3 in Japan wasn't going to achieve anything. :D

Danja3223d ago

who would be foolish enough to think that FF13 wont impact PS3 sales in Japan , it's been the most anticipated game over there for almost 3 years until recently.

FF13 + Versus win for the PS3....guaranteed system sellers in Japan..

look what Crisis Core did for the PSP in 2007...since then PSP sales have been matching and surpassing the DS..

rockleex3223d ago

Advent Children themed PS3 are currently at #2 over at Amazon Japan’s Best Sellers list.

What’s number 1? Why, the Advent Children Complete Blu-ray itself. ^_^

PS3's dooooomed! DD is killing Bluray!!

princejb1343223d ago

omg sony i swear, just pay square enix a billion of dollars for a remake of ff7, and i guarenteed your profit will be triple of what you paid for
ff7 is big, make a remake and your consoles will sell faster than you can say yahoooo


lol, square enix sold out by going multi.

if they would have stayed exclusive, the games would have been made especially for the ps3 and sold millions due to graphics alone.

Masta_fro3222d ago

How can sony get back in the Game?
Xbox 360 beats PS3 500000:1
Sony PS3 is the next gamecube!

(the people who said this will be shortly PWNED!)

if any body else remembers any, be my guest...

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ultimolu3223d ago

...Daaaaamn. o-O

Gobuz3223d ago

Sony is Dooomed! /Sarcasm

Panthers3223d ago

Dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooommmeeedd


ultimolu3223d ago

Doooooooooooooooooooomed! o(o-o)o

uie4rhig3223d ago

coz we doomed it, since it was already doomed when it was doomed..

dont bother asking, i have no idea what i just wrote :P

Snow3223d ago

Imagine when the actual games are out? Sales will sky-rocket !

Panthers3223d ago

Imagine if they would remake FFVII!

Defiantmac3223d ago

If they remade FF7 the game would be the best selling ps3 game. I am convinced.

okcomputer3223d ago

An hd ffvii remake would be a day one purchase for me and probably millions of others. I honestly wonder why they don't just do it for the money alone. Its not like they don't already milk the ff series with loads of spin offs and special edition stuff like this. I just don't get it.

silvacrest3223d ago

the only ff i played was 10 which blew me away
i would love to play the originals but i cant stand psx graphics after being used to HD fo so long

so a remake would be a day one for me

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Aclay3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Whenever Yoshida at Sony said that price wasn't really a factor in PS3 sales in Japan, but it was mainly software, he definantly wasn't kidding. These FFVII Advent Children PS3 bundles aren't exactly that cheap, and they are selling like Candy.

PS3 sales are going to be freakin' amazing in Japan this year with this bundle, FFXIII, and possibly Versus XIII in 2009.

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