ZoKnowsGaming: Skate 2 Review: So How's The Ride??

Zo writes "As far as the gameplay goes its pretty much awesome. I mean the plethora of tricks you can do is outrageous. Whether its hippy-jumping off a ledge and then popping a sick grind onto a waiting rail below or pulling a "coffin" down a mountain road going 50 mph there is definitely something for everyone.

From the soreness in my fingers what I can say without a doubt is that Skate 2 is a little bit more difficult than most casual gamers will like. Especially in career mode where there are just some things that the casual gamer will have some major difficulty pulling off, I mean I consider myself to be a mid to high level player and some of the combinations are ridiculous, not to mention that a lot of them require several components that must be done in sequence and if you mess up one thing you have to do it all over."

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