FEAR 2 Multiplayer: Better than Call of Duty 4?

Gamerlimit writes: "This time around Monolith is making sure that the multiplayer experience is solid and has done something about it to broaden the experience. Let's look at some of the offering in the multiplayer for F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin."

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chasegamez23463d ago

sorry this demo
just didnt do it for me
ill pass on this
killzone2 is calling me

Ziriux3463d ago

It was a single player demo, you guys don't even know what the mp is like.

Slinger4203463d ago

While the demo seemed good, I don't think it was such a great idea to release this game in the same month as Killzone 2. Anyone that was buying Killzone in February probably won't be buying this. The demo was pretty tight, I just don't think it will compare to Killzone 2 in anyway shape or form

Apocwhen3462d ago

I'll be buying this, and also KZ2. No reason why I cannot play both.
But you also seem to forget this is also coming out on two other systems where KZ2 is not.

Fullish3463d ago

Hmm could go down well.