Lionhead denies Fable II PC rumours

Lionhead has posted on its developer forums stating that the recent PC port rumour on WhatIFGaming has no substance.

"We're not working on a PC version of Fable II," said Lionhead employee. "If this changes we'll make sure you know about it."

Move along. Nothing to see here.

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Cheeseknight283312d ago

That's a shame, I was telling so many people that own PCs but not 360s that it was coming soon.

Ah well.

Man_of_the_year3312d ago

I guess you shouldn't tell lies when you yourself don't know the truth or the facts....lesson learned.

Not all great 360 games are on PC.

Cheeseknight283312d ago

I suppose my definition of a "lie" is vastly different from yours. A friend of mine told me that he was gonna buy a 360 for Fable 2 so I told him that it's probably going to come to the PC. And that makes me a liar, how? I was simply trying to save him money "just in case."

Man_of_the_year3310d ago

You misrepresented the truth by giving false information - that is lieing. You didn't know if it was coming to the PC - you had no confirmation that it was coming to the PC. You used speculation that it might come to the PC and told your friend that it was coming to the PC.

You mislead with ignorance - thus lied to your friend that Fable 2 was going to the PC when it wasn't.


GiantEnemyCrab3312d ago

Denied! Oh well, if you want to play these games get yourself an Xbox 360.

Tiberium3312d ago

you should know better than that dude. Those cows will do anything to go around buying a 360. Say they will get the pc version. Or say it magically will be ported to the ps3.

kodiak3312d ago


Cry me a river PS3fanboys and PC elitist

panasonic233312d ago

hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahah but but i wanted fable 2 so so bad

JoyiusHammer3311d ago

Are you guys stupid ^^? Someone slipped the word at Lionhead, and now they are doing damage control on forums. Haha sad.