Microsoft Train Simulator 2 Canceled.

Microsoft ACES closed down recently, and many where dissapointed that it may mark the end of the Flight Sim Series, however the studio was also creating the near complete Train Simulator 2, which has been put into a halted state, with most feeling the title has been canceled. It's not the first time Train Simulator 2 has been canceled, but it may be the last we hear from this much loved title.

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Blademask3459d ago

This upsets me greatly. MS really makes good f`ing sims.

Mindboggle3459d ago

Yeh they do make some good simulators. But a train simulator, WTF ! How can driving a train be fun , youll be doing the same thing over and over again, no wonder its been halted. The only use I can see for this is to train train drivers. (No pun intended)

trancefreak3459d ago

trains rock sucks it got cancelled.

UltimateIdiot9113459d ago

=/ That's very disappointing. I actually enough these simulator games from microsoft including Train Simulator.

Blademask3459d ago

If you cant imagine how amazingly complex a train simulation could be, and that you would clearly be doing more than going back and forward on the same track, I dont know what to say?

Go play mindless shooter #23423523241412987498798792349 279729847234?

Sims are great if you are a fan of what is being simulated.

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Capt CHAOS3459d ago

and the Great Eastern time tables..


Maddens Raiders3459d ago

play this game. I love trains & planes.

phosphor1123459d ago

what about taxi cabs? All those ways are hip.

(referring to sesame street

Gobuz3459d ago

Microsoft is DoOoOomed!

Darkseider3459d ago

If you listen carefully you can hear the echoes of Gomez Addams' screams of pain. NOOOOOO!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.