Final Fantasy Landing on Wii/DS in March

Kombo Reports: "While PS3 and Xbox 360 owners wait for their chance to play a new Final Fantasy title, Wii and DS owners will be getting their own Final Fantasy in just a couple of months. Square-Enix just announced that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time will be arriving on March 24th for the Wii and DS.

This may not be as graphically impressive as Final Fantasy XIII, but it does come with some unique features. Echoes of Time will allow Wii users to interact with DS users at the same time. Players will be able to switch from single to multiplayer mode on the fly."

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Shnazzyone3401d ago

This is a unique looking title for the frachise. Crystal chronicles 1 was kindof lousy because of all the extra gear needed to fully enjoy the game (similar to four swords) I like how this is instantly fun in multiplayer. I hate how they have fixed responses though. Wiispeak functionality would have gone a long long way for this title.