Free Radical Design's BattleFront 3: Not As Dead As You Think?

There is no doubt that IGN is the leader in web entertainment news, specifically gaming. When they post an exclusive, the collective eyes of the industry turn and stare. This, of course, was the case when they released a crappy leaked video of what was Free Radical Design's (Timesplitters series, Battlefront 2, Haze) Star Wars Battlefront 3.

And it was fantastic. They also supposedly had an interview with an ex-employee of FRD (check that out here), in which he stated that with the current state of FRD, and the fact that Lucas Arts had taken away the license to reassign it, we would never see the game in the state the footage portrayed. The Start Screen believes the quote was, "It's dead. The stuff in the video of going from the ground to air to space to orbit is the tech that is dying with us."

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