Sony: No plans To Bring Back Backwards Compatibility - There was this rumor floating around for a while now, that there would be some form of emulation in a update that would enable the PS3's without backwards compatibility to play PS2 games. I'm not even sure where the rumor started, but we brought it up back up on the recent Co Op Podcast and decided to hit Sony up for some answers. So rather than chop up his words here is a direct quote.

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iiraymoii3491d ago

Who are they kidding really? I know they have to keep secrets but come on. Any one with an ounce of good brain matter knows that emulation is being developed for the PS3.

AuToFiRE3491d ago

they will release BC once the PS2 stops selling so well and the PS3 actually makes a profit per sale

Kleptic3491d ago

I have to that article the other day actually made perfect sense...

a struggling Sony drops BC to keep sales going with their PS2...which counters profit losses attatched to every PS3 sold...and the ps2 is still selling (wasn't it like 1 million in the US alone through the end of 2008?)...

it will eventually come...still kind of sucks that Sony put themselves in this position they beat their chest constantly about full BC...then dropped it...leaving the door wide open for an already sweating mob to attack...

PR like this is no different than when Sony says 'no plans for a price cut'...why would they say that?...sales would plummet until it actually happens...not announcing anything will keep PS2's moving marginally...which puts more money in their pocket...which is all they are really worried about right now...

just goes to show how important it is for consumers to pay more attention people buying a PS3 currently are going to be pretty upset when the price cuts come; assuming they went by Sony's word of a cut not coming any time well as someone buying a Ps2 only because their current PS3 can't play PS2 games...I would bet money on that changing by the end of the year...why would they even run that survey with full BC as an option?...Europe just unanimously decided that they want full BC with PS2 games even over needed PSn features like unified invites and dedicated chat lines across games...on an official Sony survey...

I got lucky...60gb ftw...

karlostomy3491d ago

where would one buy a 60gb ps3?

JOEdANGEL3491d ago

"where would one buy a 60gb ps3?"

From me, for $1000.

j/k its not for sale.

uie4rhig3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

gonna sell my 60GB on ebay.. since i never play PS2 games on it, i donno.. i'll see.. obv i'll be getting a 40GB if i do sell it :)

Ryangp3491d ago

How much do you reckon i could sell my 60gb ps3 now, I Bought it for £600 at launch.

Sitdown3491d ago

$429 (refurbished) at Gamestop..........that is how I got mine back in March.

rockleex3491d ago

At first people were saying:

"Its too expensive! Sony! Drop the price! Take out BC! We don't want Bluray! We don't want Wi-Fi! We don't want HDD! We just want to buy a cheap PS3!!!" >_<

Then when Sony take out BC, people complain and won't buy it because there's no BC. -_-"

rockleex3491d ago

There was no need for BC in PS3 because EVERYBODY has a PS2!

Now they are saying they don't want to play PS2 games on their PS2s, they want to play it on their PS3!

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Roper3163491d ago

If they ever plan to sell PS2 games on the PSN which they have said they plan on doing, then they will need an emulator for then non B/C models. So they are either lying about selling PS2 games on the PSN or about the emulator.

issa30323491d ago

You guys keep acting that backwards compatibility via software is so easy to do. Keep in mind that in the newer 80GBs that have partial emulation many games did not work at first. As many as 50% back in April 2007 and it took a huge effort to patch many games over the next year. You guys take for granted how hard it is to create an emulator especially for a system as complex as the PS2.

lokiroo4203491d ago

But then your on the other end of the spectrum making it seem like cold fussion, it can and should be done, nothing else to say about it.

pippoppow3491d ago

It may come but then, how well will it work and how many games will be playable is the question. Sony should have kept their higher end sku with full or partial hardware backward compatibility. Well, people are just never satisfied. First it was too expensive, now it's cheaper but isn't as desirable due to lack of BC. Guess Sony just can't win. Any one that really wants an earlier BC PS3 can still find it online, although you may pay a little extra for it. Seen used 20GB PS3's selling for $300-$350 on ebay. Guess it's a bonus to early adapters like myself as it makes for a nice collectible item.

Information Minister3491d ago

PS2 emulation on the PC has been making considerable progress over the past few months, and this without any official documentation from Sony (all has been achieved through reverse engineering). So there's a lot of potential for software emulation.

BTW the expression is "early adopters" and not "early adapters".

no-spin3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

good for God of War
useless for MGS series, ratchet and clank series, gran turismo 3 runs like crap.

All i have to say is that i have my PS2 next to my PS3 and it looks RIDICULOUS.
what pi$$es me off is that it was sold as backward compatible, not as extremely limited bc.

software emulation my a$$

Kushan3491d ago

When you have the technical documentation for something, software emulation IS actually fairly simple to do (relatively speaking, it's not exactly the easiest thing in the world to accomplish). In fact, most development kits for hardware tend to come with an emulator to make developing applications easier.

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Fishy Fingers3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Sony ONLY said that because they were in a legal battle with Immersion at the time (rumble patent). Basically Sony wanted to include rumble from day one but didn't want to pay Immersion any royalties.

"rumble is last gen" While sounding stupid is better than admitting trying to pinch someone elses tech. Needless to say, as soon as they settled the Dual hock 3 was quickly announced.

Listening to PR is like believing everything you read on forums (which I guess includes my comment LOL).

Kleptic3491d ago

^^exactly...each company has done this numerous times this gen so far...

'HDMI is not needed'...right?...

Nintendo said 'our customers do not care about playing others online as much as people think'...although there is no real way to prove that otherwise; it could have something to do with why there are some 35 million+ Wii's floating in closets on a regular basis...although that could also be pointed at the thing having 3 games worth playing since release...

lawsuit stuff is never brought up in PR to the public..its ALWAYS dodged, usually due to legal issues...

did you ever hear SK coming out an saying 'well, we are in the middle of getting counter-sued by Epic, because we pushed buttons we probably shouldn't have, and that is why Too Human has no firm release date as of yet' in 2007? brought that to public interest...not SK...

same thing with Sony...they were trying to market motion control over rumble at that point..because rumble wasn't there for release...because of the lawsuit...they worked it out...and did what their customers wanted...just like MS bringing HDMI...only marginally funny thing with that is that early adopters screamed that they wanted MS gave it to people that hadn't yet purchased a 360...whatever...more or less the same thing...

Mikelarry3491d ago

two bring up some interesting stuff, and i do agree to a certain extent. we just gonna have to wait and see how sony plays this one.

Cajun Chicken3491d ago

Anyway, that totally goes against the fact that on my EU 60gb, nearly every after firmware, PS2 game performance seems to get better.