Random Gamer's Release of the Week: Afro Samurai

Greedy Raven writes, "Afro Samurai is a button masher that is stuffed full of witty one-liners and extreme violence. As you progress through the game there are numerous opportunities to unlock a wide variety of more effective and aptly named combos, which can be used to slice up baddies with your katana. There is nothing like mashing out the "Oh That Hurt" combo, as you sever limbs and/or cut your foes in half. You can do all of this, while listening to Samuel L. Jackson's colorful and sometimes humorous self-commentary..."

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CrAppleton3486d ago

I'm not very fond of button mashers

bgrundman3486d ago

I am really looking forward to it! Anytime I can listen to Samuel L. Jackson in his obscene element, I am happy!

roblef3486d ago

I like me some Castle Crashers, though.

bgrundman3486d ago

This game looks really neat, but the blood effects remind me of that MadWorld game coming to the Wii.

roblef3486d ago

Isn't this based on a Manga, or movie or something?

bgrundman3486d ago

I think so. If not, the art style sure borrows alot from them

JimmyJames703486d ago

So, when does it release?

bgrundman3486d ago

As far as I know, tomorrow is the release date.

heyheyhey3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

what sells this game to me is the style...

soundtrack by RZA, L.Jackson voiceover, anime action..

but due to the lack of value it'll only be a rent im 'fraid


glad you share my sentiments... it's not as much Samuel that sells it to me as it is RZA... that man is God among producers

Pennywise3486d ago

Definitely a rent. I am looking forward to this game, but with limit replay games (single player only) I rent.

bgrundman3486d ago

I think I may have to join you guys in this boat as well... At least it will be fun the first time through!

Pennywise3486d ago

Samuel L. and RZA on the sound track should make for a great experience. Add in the cool graphics and gore - I think we have a winner!

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