Five Developers Microsoft Must Buy...Before EA Does

Ensemble Studios. FASA Interactive. Bungie. Rare. LionHead. One thing that console manufacturers are forced to do is acquire independent game developers that will create the first-party titles every console needs at launch and throughout its lifespan.

Although a console can't succeed without third party support, first and second party titles are the games that truly differentiate a console from its competitors.

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Aflac4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

EA sucks, they destroy every franchise they get their hands on (lotr, hp, 007, etc.)

wolfgang4314d ago

Think about what EA did to the NHL and NFL games, now imagine a world where EA owns all the developers...

hells henchman4314d ago

don't forget EA buying up the Nascar license. then promptly ruined it. i wonder how C & C 3 will fare?

PureGamer4314d ago

on somthings like the TS series, and are trying there best to improve fifa

True Gamer4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Well considering the latest lawsuit of $1,520,000,000.00 that MSFT is facing they are in no position to buy any developers.

Maybe once Windows Vista starts selling better? Who knows.

Microsoft used to be very innovative and control every little thing surrounding computer software, ever since 2002's release of Win XP they've been on decline.

The only sector that Microsoft is showing healthy growth in is the gaming sector of their company. And I'm not even talking about PC gaming, no... that part of their company is dying out. I'm talking about Xbox 360.

Perhaps they should refocus in what made them a monopoly in the first place, the Windows OS. Many people think of Windows Vista as a disaster that should've never happened, but it did, and now there is little they can do about it.

BTW I'm typing this on a Windows Vista Home Premium OS and I will be switching back to XP in a couple of days. It just doesn't cut it for me ):

fjtorres4314d ago

MS has between $40 and $60 billion in cash lying around and they take in $10-12 billion *after-tax* every year.
If they wanted to buy all five of those studios, plus BioWare, Capcom, and Bethesda, they could do it with six months worth of profits.
In fact, MS considered buying Nintendo back in 99.
The reason they didn't is the reason why they won't be buying any of the above-listed studios: the true assets of those outfits are the people, not the code they own.
It is simply cheaper to contract out at exorbitant rates than to buy them. And if the staff walks, you don't get stuck holding the bag.

Xi4313d ago

osx is just as buggy as xp. I've crashed it many times while using eclipse.

SPAWN4313d ago

Microsoft isn`t like your dear sony my friend! They aren`t broke! M$ net worth is about 66 billion so you can take that to the bank!

TheMART4313d ago

True Gamer,

I really think your knowledge about gaming (industry) or the industry for computers/software in general isn't that good.

Everyone knows MS has indeed over 50 billion dollar on reserves, they can spend on anything they think is good to spend it on.

They could even buy all five companies and still have money left. Sony can't on the other hand...

If you'd ask me, Epic and Capcom are two companies that have a key role for MS/360. They should buy them indeed

dantesparda4313d ago

Just so that you's know, Sony actually makes more money/revenue than MS does, its just that their cost of business is much higher than MS', but thats because Sony mainly deals in hardware which is more expensive than what MS mainly deals in, which is software. If you look at their income statements you will see that Sony took in 63.541 billion dollars by March of 06. Whereas MS took in 44.282 billion by June of 06. But Sony's revenue costs are much higher than MS', so whereas MS' cost of revenue was only 7.650 billion, Sony's was 43.768 billion. But like i said, thats because Sony has to buy alot more hardware and materials than MS. By the time all things are said and done, Sony ends up with 1.050 billions dollars profit for the yr, whereas MS walked away with 12.599 billion, alot more!
But Sony has about 20 billion in the bank (19.868 billion), whereas MS has about 35.699 billion. If you's dont believe me then take a look at both of their balance sheets and income statements. But also important to note is that Sony's stock has been rising since Dec of 06 whereas MS has been flat to down

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