Best Buy holds new Xbox 360 game sale

Best Buy Co. Inc. stores this week began holding a new game sale for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360.

Discounted titles include Halo 3 and NBA 2K9 at $39.99 each, Shaun White Snowboarding at $39.99, Tom Clancy's EndWar at $39.99, and Midnight Club Los Angeles at $39.99.

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3375d ago
iHEARTboobs3375d ago

Is on sale for $30. I think i'll pick that bad boy up.

iHEARTboobs3375d ago

^PS3 version. Not sure about the 360 version.

Nathan Drake3375d ago

I wish all current gen games retailed for $39.99,would own a lot more software

vincentvegawchz3375d ago

There is also a 10 dollar coupon for any 2K game listed on the Coupon... Just Google 2K coupon or somthing, it is good until January 31st, it is eligible with Other offers as well, and you can print as many as you want, dont believe me, it is even in the fine print

okcomputer3375d ago

ugh.. i literally just bought nba2k9 yesterday after hearing about the 39.99 price drop. Sucks to know i could have saved another $10 if i looked around.

iHEARTboobs3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

I hope i'm allowed to use it for Bioshock. I'll try though. Thanks for the info!

EDIT: Coupon says it's valid with sale items, which is what i was worried about with Bioshock. But Best Buy does accept vendor coupons so it should be good.

Sitdown3375d ago

Does the store you bought it from price match? If so....just take your receipt and they should adjust it. If not, just purchase the game from Best Buy, and then return that copy to the other store that you purchase the game from...that's assuming you still have the receipt.

Koolkid093375d ago

how many sales do they plan on having lol

Horny3375d ago

dont know but im there every week buying new games lol.
I havent even finished one game out of the 5 i got in the last 3 weeks

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The story is too old to be commented.