ZTGD Review: Lord of the Rings: Conquest

ZTGD: Developed by Pandemic, Lord of the Rings: Conquest takes all the right ingredients and boils them down into something that makes you die a little inside. After all, the makers of the Star Wars Battlefront series seem like the ideal sort to deliver a game based on epic battles that feature an assortment of uniquely talented warriors. Sadly, both the single player and multi-player components are burdened by redundant gameplay that weakens the film-driven charm of the title.

+ Torching the Shire

- Poor game design
- It's repetitive. And redundant

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Syko3372d ago


I almost feel sorry you had to sit through this game from the sounds of it.

Faztkiller3372d ago

I rented this game and had alot of fun with it but not worth a buy IMO

-GametimeUK-3372d ago

My friend loves it... I think its crap :-)

BoneMagnus3372d ago

the novelty of the LOTR world wore off quickly - and I'm a huge fan of the movies and Tolkien lore.

I simply don't have time to spend on a "decent" game.

cryymoar3372d ago

and I hated it.
I expected it to be awesome too.

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