STP Review: Armageddon Squadron

Polarbit has released an update (version 1.0.1) to their WWII-era casual flight combat game, Armageddon Squadron.

Do the improvements have what it takes to bring this lackluster title out of its nosedive? Not so much…
The update delivers multiplayer for both local and internet play, as well as improved control-feel. However, the aircraft in the game, while more responsive, are still not capable of aerobatic maneuvers.

Further, by introducing multiplayer functionality, another of the game's limitation is brought into sharper focus. The weapons on the airplanes aren't particularly balanced. Players will most likely opt to duel it out with missiles, leaving the fighter's more period-appropriate machine guns unused.

In all, this game wasn't very fun to play by yourself, and isn't any more enjoyable with others.

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