Opinion: Are Blu-rays better value than games?

PSM3 editor argues that Pro Evo Soccer is '10p per hour of fun'...

Following the earlier news that revenue from videogames continues to outstrip revenue from DVD and Blu-ray movies, with the gap expected to widen in 2009, we wondered aloud about the 'value' of spending £30 to £40 on a videogame, compared with spending £10 to £20 on a new DVD or Blu-ray?

Who is getting the better deal here? The gamer or the home cinema enthusiast?

"As the Gfk figures relate to revenue, it's not surprising to hear that game sales are forecast to trump DVDs and BD," argues Steve May, Editor of Home Cinema Choice magazine.

"Unlike movies, games software continues to hold its retail value. People still seem prepared to pay big bucks for hot titles, even despite the credit crunch. That's not the case with movies," adds May.

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piam453492d ago

id rather play 200hrs+ of killzone2 than watch a movie once or twice a year....

jBat173492d ago

what idiot watches the same movie more than once or twice? come on, if you've seen it once there's no need to watch it again. nothing changes, no more surprises. that's the main reason i'm not into buying movies. movies collections are junks and overrated.

i don't have a videogame collection, as well. videogames, on the other hand, you play it for 2-3 months - about 6-8 months for FPS -before it gets boring. i do play games, like rpg, twice if there's an incentive like new game plus and that's 150+ hours of entertainment. after that, there's gamestop to who'd buy that junk for about 1/3 of the original price. not a bad deal.

"This actually means that home cinema fans continue to get much better value out of their hobby than gamers, who are expected to pay through the nose for every sequel and knock-off that comes their way. "

what??? no, gamers do not need to buy the sequel or prequel to fully enjoy a game. it's movies that do that. remember pirates of the carribeans?.. how about star wars? the matrix?.. in movies, the story/plot is the main thing. it's is not really a big deal in VG.

Brixxer6003492d ago

Watching a movie over and over again isn't idiotic, i could say completing a game more than once would be idiotic but the truth is that some people can just "gel" with a particular movie/game, i can watch certain movies regularly and each time brings something new.

dericb113492d ago

Game depreciate faster then movie do. Truth is depending on what movie it is this is true. Most people are going to say games are better value but I will ask this question.

When a game comes out named Haze and doesn't sell it will get a price drop within a month times after it released (Sometimes even sooner). While a movie may not simply because movie buff pay whatever price and they normally sell a good amount without hype.

At the in of the day Blu-rays user base will match if not pass the PS3 user base. Which means Blu-ray as a whole will match 360 users. Because of this movie prices will stay the same while game let they always do will depreciate.

ravinash3492d ago

Are bluRays better than games???

Its a bit like asking is Cheese better than Cod.
They are two totally different thing.

zoydwheeler3492d ago

It was 'are they better value (for money)'?

IMO games are over-priced, publishers should concentrate on putting out a £20 boxed product and - should it appeal to a big enough fanbase - expand the game with d'loadable content and new episodes a la GTA and Half Life...

Just a thought...

(Also, personally, I've never bought into the DVD or Blu-ray 'exclusive extras' add value myth - I just want to watch a movie ffs)