Study: DS Brain Training Doesn't Work

A new study at the University of Rennes in France has found that, contrary to Nintendo's claims, DS brain training titles won't necessarily make you brainier if you play them every day.

Alain Lieury, professor of cognitive psychology at the university, carried out a series of memory tests on children that had been learning with DS for seven weeks and those that hadn't.

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vitz33489d ago

"carried out a series of memory tests on children..."

No f**king duh! The game was never aimed at childeren, it's a application designed at increasing the mental acuity of ADULTS, as in 20 years and up!

I swear these idiots will say anything to get their Master's.

Cheeseknight283489d ago

Exactly. Didn't this guy see the commercials? You never see a kid playing it, it's always people 30+ years old.

You know, people that don't have their mind wander every few seconds and need stimulation, not children.

P.S.: Bubbles to you #1.

Enigma_20993489d ago

... it's not a substitute for actual education...

Si-Pie3489d ago

Funny thing is ive seen other studies done testing the brain training and one of them which was done on the Gadget show (which is a show in the UK for those in other countries) tested it over a 6 week period and that the test was carried out by an adult. The results were really suprising as the persons memory really did improve. you can see it here

the quality of the video is rubbish though.